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Being a newcomer to WordPress can be daunting, especially when you’re a writer, not a developer, and have no great knowledge of the space. As I started this journey (AKA new job), my imposter syndrome kicked in by reminding me of a scene in Disney’s Tarzan where Kerchak tells Kala: “It’s not our kind.”

I asked myself: Would this outdoorsy forager from South Africa be accepted into this new tribe? This is not to say that I think developers are primates. Actually, hold on — this analogy is failing miserably. Let me explain…
I’m Robert Nolte, a new Digital Copywriter at Freemius, and over the past three months, I’ve immersed myself in the uncharted world (for me) of WordPress.
As I tried to get a grip on the proverbial vines so I too could swing with the devs and other WordPress experts, I realized that WordPress is more than a piece of software, and what truly makes it unique is the diverse community — the tribe — that’s gathered around it. My focus then shifted from software to community; to the creators and makers that drive progress in the space together. Basically, I wanted to get to know you guys as much as possible 🤣
For this article, I’ve curated a list of 56 WordPress experts that showed me their world through the content they share and the tweets they tweet. From entrepreneurs and engineers to founders and pioneers, from writers and podcasters to consultants and educators — this is a comprehensive starting point for new and established WordPress entrepreneurs looking to learn, connect, and make their voices heard.
Ready to meet them?

Andrew Palmer

Andrew is the founder of WP Plugins Plus, a company that does custom website and plugin development. He is also the co-founder of, which is described as “the world’s first AI-based writing assistant that helps website owners to generate content that is engaging, creative and converting within WordPress” (and leaves this writer feeling slightly disconcerted *gulp*). He is a passionate WordPress speaker, coach, and advocate, and is also the host of Agency Radio, where lovers of music, WordPress, creativity, and web development can listen to his daily playlists and occasional live talk shows. Andrew is a well-known WordPress expert in the ecosystem and regularly tweets about updates, announcements, interviews, blogs, and podcasts that you’ll want to know about.

Andrew PalmerBertha.aiGridPaneWP Plugins PlusAgency Radio

Bridget Willard


Bridget describes herself as a self-confessed Twitter nerd, marketer, copywriter, product owner, keynote speaker, author, and CEO of her eponymous marketing agency. She’s also Chief Marketing Officer for Gatsby WP Themes and presents the Launch With Words podcast, which focuses on conversations with small business owners around the world about the importance of marketing and digital. The podcast supplements Bridget’s WordPress plugin of the same name, which “merges the experience of a small business writer with blogging prompts to help clients publish a blog post once a month.” Did I mention that she’s also written no less than six eBooks on business and marketing? Bridget is an authority on content marketing and social media, and understands how this knowledge and expertise translates into the WordPress ecosystem, which rightfully earns her a reputation as one of this list’s WordPress experts. If you want to learn about getting your name out there as a WordPress solopreneur, check out what Bridget is tweeting about.

Bridget WillardGatsby WP ThemesBlogTech BlogPodcasteBooksWordCamp

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Dan Maby

As per Dan’s WordPress profile, he is “a Director at Blue 37, a UK-based web design and development agency, and the founder of Big Orange Heart, a registered non-profit that supports and promotes positive wellbeing and mental health within remote working communities.” Big Orange Heart is a peer-support community that offers resources like live events, a blog, podcast, and live chat support. It’s also championed by big names in the WordPress ecosystem, such as GoDaddy and Bluehost. Dan’s updates about his day-to-day WordPress life receive plenty of engagement — like this one about the joys of traveling to WordCamp Europe 2022 — and he frequently sparks conversation by posting about the community.
A quick aside: I mentioned that I’m an outdoorsy kinda guy, which is why my remote job ticks many boxes — mushroom hunting or fishing before work, anyone? But I’ve also learned that having limited social interaction five days a week can take its toll, which is why being mindful of mental wellbeing is crucial to sustaining working from home or (occasionally) a seaside cottage in the middle of nowhere. Connect with Dan and Big Orange Heart on Twitter — you owe it to yourself.

Dan MabyBig Orange HeartBlue 37WordCamp

Igor Benić



A self-taught front-end developer with experience across HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, ReactJS, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. Igor discovered WordPress a few years ago and has since used it to build themes, plugins, and custom solutions. Over the years, he’s made his blog a popular home to business and development-related WordPress topics, with several eBooks focused on using WordPress, WordPress Customizer, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and Freemius. He also offers paid and free courses for WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as members-only webinars on using JavaScript and AJAX in WordPress. As a passionate freelancer and developer, Igor freely shares his knowledge about being a successful solopreneur and regularly offers insightful coding and WordPress tips on his Twitter account.

Igor BenićeBookWebinarsPodcastLearning Centre

Jack Kitterhing


Jack’s currently the Product Manager at LearnDash, an LMS (learning management system) plugin that powers “learning programs for major universities, small to midsize companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and bloggers worldwide.” Jack has experience in product to marketing, software development, quality assurance, and level 2 support. He blogs about business and software, and tweets about updates at LearnDash, developments in the WordPress community, and insights about doing business in the tech startup space.

Jack KitterhingLearnDash

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Maarten Belmans


Maarten is the founder of Table2Site — an invite-only, code-free website building platform that was recently acquired — and creates and sells WooCommerce plugins via his online shop Wombat. His own Twitter bio states that he “tweets about growing SaaS, and a WooCommerce business.” Check out this thread where Maarten discusses how he learned WordPress plugin development.

Studio Wombat

Miriam Schwab

Static WordPress

Miriam is the CEO and co-founder of Strattic, “an all-in-one static site generation and hosting platform that instantly optimizes WordPress by converting it to a static architecture.” She is a static WordPress expert, as well as a highly successful entrepreneur in the ecosystem. In an interview with Freemius, Miriam speaks about discovering WordPress, starting Strattic, and shares her thoughts on the future of WordPress products. Where does she see the ecosystem going? “As long as WordPress continues to innovate, particularly on the user experience side of things, it will continue to lead the website space. The community aspect of WordPress is critical to its continued success. There are all sorts of new website builders and approaches popping up all the time, but without the massive community of builders and developers, like WordPress has, they don’t really stand a chance of getting close to WP’s market share.” Her company, Strattic, was just acquired by Elementor – congrats Miriam!


Paul Charlton

Product Reviews

Paul is the owner and presenter of WPTuts, a platform with more than 700 free tutorials on WordPress, Elementor, Advanced Custom Fields, Crocoblock, dynamic web design, and more. WPTuts forms part of the PsmegTV group (also owned by Paul) which provides free, high-quality training videos on various software topics. Paul is ultimately the go-to guy if you want to learn about using WordPress, but his tutorials also provide helpful reviews on various WordPress products. Check out this recent tweet about Spectra for WP, a Gutenberg plugin that speeds up website building with advanced and powerful blocks. Specifically, Paul discusses why Gutenberg should take note of products like this if it is to address the shortcomings and problematic features that are frustrating a large proportion of the WordPress community.


Vito Peleg

Vito’s a former international rockstar (yep, really) turned co-founder and CEO at Atarim, an “agency management system dedicated to web design and development”. Vito is a brilliant product marketer who managed to launch a plugin and make over $100,000 in 30 days He often tweets about his journey of growing a SaaS product, as well as his latest venture (yes, the one that makes me worry) which he co-founded with Andrew Palmer. Needless to say, Vito is a pretty interesting dude.


That’s a wrap!
Hanging out on Twitter and exploring the online world of these WordPress experts reminded me of the value of networking. It also drove home why being part of the conversation is vital for WordPress entrepreneurs to stay in the loop and push progress in the space.
But even more importantly, the tweets and updates showed me what WordPress is really all about. It is a community of builders, makers, movers, and shakers, many of whom are determined to help make the web a better place for everyone. It’s a community that feels passionate about working together and sharing ideas to advance software and technology.
I hope that this list will not only inspire new and established WordPress entrepreneurs to get involved, but also realize that making their voices heard by offering helpful contributions and insights is the way to pay it forward.
If you want to swing with the best and join the tribe of WordPress experts — it can be as simple as posting a tweet 🙂

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