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Every business can use more leads and conversions, right? Optimized landing pages can help you grow your business through increased brand awareness, online traffic, and developing trust with your target audience. In this post, you’ll learn how to create a landing page that converts traffic into leads and leads into customers. All in less than 5 minutes and without any coding.
Let’s go…
What is a Landing Page?
Before we dive into how to create a landing page, let’s clear up any confusion about what a landing page is (and isn’t).
A landing page is a page of your website that focuses on a single, specific call to action. It’s a lead generation tool that encourages visitors to provide their contact info in exchange for the offer you’re promoting.
A strong call to action is vital to getting a conversion. For guidance, check out our post on how to write the perfect call to action.
Why Use a Landing Page?
Since they focus on a single call to action, they’re great for lead generation. Visitors who get to a particular landing page are likely already interested in the offer on that page, they just need a little push to go the distance.
Optin landing pages also help you connect with customers and keep those customers interested in your brand through targeted marketing. Once you’ve converted a visitor to a subscriber, you have the chance to move them further along your sales funnel.
So, how do you create a landing page?
SeedProd is the best landing page builder. It allows you to create beautiful landing pages easily using a drag and drop builder.
SeedProd Homepage-min (1)
Using SeedProd, you can choose from stunning landing page templates. As a result, you’re able to able to landing pages that convert without writing any code.
How to Create a Landing Page for a Website
To follow along in this tutorial, you’ll need a SeedProd account.
It’s quick and easy to create an account. You can get started on the SeedProd website and follow the prompts to download the plugin.
Here’s a quick guide for installing and activating a plugin.
Once you purchase the plugin, you’ll get your license key.
Grab your key and over to WordPress.
SeedProd license key
Select SeedProd from your WordPress dashboard.
Choose SeedPRod in WordPress_
Now, you’ll see a welcome screen. Add your license key here to activate the plugin.
Add SeedProd license key
Now, you’re ready to create your landing page.
Step 1: Choose Your Landing Page Type
First, click the Create Your First Page button.
Create Your First Landing Page
Once you click the button, you will be on the landing page dashboard.
SeedProd choose landing page
Here, you will see the following options:

  1. Coming Soon Mode
  2. Maintenance Mode
  3. 404 Page

Then, click the Add New Landing Page.
Add a new landing page
The next step is to select a landing page template.
Step 2: Choose a Landing Page Template
SeedProd comes with several stunning prebuilt landing page templates. This means you don’t need to spend hours designing a landing page from scratch.
Landing Page templates
The landing page templates are divided into different categories:

For this tutorial, we’ll go with the Ebook squeeze template.
Hover over the template until a red tick appears. Then click on it to select the template.
Ebook landing page template
Next, give your landing page a name.
Now, click Save and Start Editing the Page to enter the drag and drop builder.
Name landing page template_
Step 3: Customize Your Landing Page
In this step, you’ll design your landing page in SeedProd’s visual drag and drop page builder.
SeedProd landing page drag and drop
It’s quick and easy to customize your landing page in SeedProd.
Everything you see on the page, like the text and images, is divided into elements called Blocks and Sections.
To change anything on your page, simply click on the block.
Let’s try that with the text.
So, we’ll simply click on the text block. Then, we can make our changes directly on the landing page.
SeedProd text editing
For more editing options, select the Advanced tab. It allows you to change the color and spacing.
SeedProd Advanced editing
You can also easily add any block to your landing page, like:

  • Headlines
  • Text
  • List
  • Button
  • Image
  • Video

Just click on the block and drag it onto your landing page.
Add block to landing page
In addition to these blocks, you can also use Advanced blocks.
These elements are specifically designed to increase lead generation.
Advanced SeedProd blocks in editor
Again, just drag and drop the block you want to add to your landing page.
Add advanced block to landing page
Then, you can also choose from prebuilt payouts.
Head over to Sections.
SeedProd sections add
From here, you can add:

And more.
To add a section to your landing page, hover over it and click the plus icon.
Select SeedProd section
Then, the section will be added to your landing page.
SeedProd new section on landing page_
SeedProd also lets you keep your landing page similar to the rest of your website.
Click on Global Settings. Then, you can see the color, font, and background image.
SeedProd global settings_
From here, you can customize the colors, fonts, and background to match your website.
Save your design as you work by clicking the Save icon at the top of the builder.
Step 4: Connect Your Email Service Provider
Collecting email addresses is simple with your SeedProd landing page. Connecting the plugin with your email service provider takes just a few minutes.
Head over the top of the editor and click Connect.
Connect SeedProd to email_
Find your email service provider and click Connect. Then, follow the prompts.
Connect SeedProd to email service provider select
Now, email addresses will be automatically added to your email service provider.
Step 5: Configure Your Landing Page Settings
The next step is to configure your page settings.
Here you can edit SEO and customize your header.
SeedProd Page Settings_
Step 6: Preview and Publish Your Landing Page
Once you are ready, you can publish your landing page.
And, SeedProd lets you preview your landing page before it goes live.
Find the preview icon at the bottom of the builder.
Click Live Preview SeedProd
Then, then you’re ready, click Publish.
Click Publish in SeedProd_
You’ll get a notification when your landing page is published.
SeedProd Publish notification_
That’s it. Your landing page will now be live.
An OptinMonster Alternative to Landing Pages
An alternative method for creating a landing page is adding an inline optin form to your web page.
This option lets you turn any web page into a lead generation machine. And all it takes is adding an embed code to your web page.
OptinMonster is the best inline lead capture form builder. Using OptinMonster, you can easily design stunning inline campaigns in a drag and drop builder.
OptinMonster homepage
With OptinMonster, you’ll get 50+ inline campaign templates that you can easily customize. You can sign up using the link below.
Step 1: Create an OptinMonster Campaign
To start, you need to log into your OptinMonster account.
Then, choose Inline Campaign.
Choose inline camapaign in OptinMonster_
The next step is to select your template.
Today, we will go with Magnet.
Then, name your campaign and click Start Building to enter the editor.
Name OptinMonster campaign
The next step is to customize your template.
Step 2: Customize Your Inline Campaign
Designing your inline campaign is super simple with OptinMonster.
All you need to is click on the optin form to change anything about it.
To change the text, simply click on it. Now, you’ll be able to make your changes using the inline text editor.
Text editor Magnet inline campaign_
Similarly, to change the image, click on it.
Magnet add image to inline campaign_
Plus, you can add anything to your optin form, like:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Optin fields

Just click Add Blocks at the top of the editor.
Add blocks
Then, drag and drop the block into place on your form.
Add block to Magnet inline campaign-min
Step 3: Publish Your Landing Page
The final step is to add your campaign to your website.
First, make sure your site is connected to OptinMonster.
Here is a simple guide for adding OptinMonster to your website.
Head over to Publish.
OptinMonster publish ribbon
If you’re using WordPress, you just need to add the shortcode to your website.
So, head over to WordPress. Head over to the OptinMonster plugin screen and click Refresh Campaigns.
Then, select Edit Output Settings.
Choose inline campaign edit output settings_
Make sure the Enable campaign on site box is checked.
WordPress settings for inline campaign_
Finally, copy the shortcode and paste it on your landing page.
That’s it! Now you have two easy methods for creating a landing page.
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