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Do you want to create a Jilt popup to increase your subscribers and sales?
With a Jilt popup, you can transform your website into a lead generation tool.
By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know exactly how to build a Jilt popup that will grow your list.
Why Create a Jilt Popup
Jilt is an email marketing software built for online stores. With a Jilt popup, you can quickly grab your visitors’ attention and encourage them to subscribe to your list.
Out of the box, Jilt lets you create a basic popup form, but it lacks the targeting features offered by other popup tools like OptinMonster.
Without a doubt, if popups are not targeted, they’ll fail to grab your visitors attention and even annoy your website visitors.
That’s why you need a popop builder like OptinMonster.
OptinMonster is the best popup software because it lets you create stunning popups that are proven to drive more conversions. It comes with a drag and drop builder, 50+ beautiful popup templates, and 6 different types of optin campaigns, such as:

  • Popup
  • Floating bar
  • Slide-in
  • Fullscreen
  • Inline
  • Gamified

OptinMonster homepage
Then your list becomes one of your most valuable assets.
Here’s how OptinMonster lets you target and build an engaging email list:

  • 50+ Prebuilt templates: stunning templates to grab your site visitor’s attention
  • Triggers: display popup campaigns based on your site visitor’s behavior
  • Targeting: show campaigns to the right people
  • A/B test: use A/B testing to discover your top-performing campaigns

Today, we’ll create this Jilt popup in just 20 minutes:
jilt popup
Let’s get started.
How to create a Jilt popup
Before we begin, you’ll need an OptinMonster account.
Get OptinMonster here. It’s risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.
Get Started With a Popup Today!
Step 1: Create OptinMonster Campaign
First, we’ll need to log into our OptinMonster account.
From the dashboard, go ahead and select Create New Campaign.
Create new OptinMonster campaign button
After you’ve created your campaign, you’ll need to choose your campaign type.
What’s the best campaign type for you?
Different campaign types serve different purposes:

  • Slide-in scroll box: appears at the bottom right corner of the web page as visitors scroll
  • Floating bar: sticky header and footer that remains visible as the visitor scrolls
  • Fullscreen: takes over the full screen, hiding the content behind it

There’s so much more.
The right campaign type depends on your goal. If you want to bring attention to a targeted offer or coupon, a fullscreen campaign would be a great choice. OptinMonster customers use scroll boxes to reduce cart abandonment with a perfectly timed discount.
For this tutorial, we’ll go with Popup.
Choose OptinMonster Campaign Type
Now, we’ll select a template.
You can choose from over 50 templates:
OptinMonster Campaign Templates overview
All of OptinMonster’s templates are attractive and designed to increase conversions.
If you need help finding the best one, you can filter the templates by campaign goal:

Today, we’ll offer our visitors a timed discount in exchange for their email addresses.
These campaigns deliver amazing results for our customers.
For example, Christmas Lite Show has reduced their shopping cart abandonment rate by 16.9% by using a built-in timer in their OptinMonster popup.
Why do limited-time offers work so well?
Using urgency is a sure-fire way to boost your conversions. As humans, we’re hard-wired to act fast when the clock is ticking.
We don’t like the feeling of missing out on a great opportunity.
Today, we’ll go with Apparel because it has everything we need to create a sense of urgency around our offer, including a built-in timer.
Now, you’ll need to name your campaign and click Start Building.
Name campaign
The next step is customizing your popup in the OptinMonster editor.
Step 2: Design Your Jilt Popup
You can design an eye-catching optin form in minutes with OptinMonster.
OptinMonster’s templates are made up of blocks or elements.
Customizing those blocks doesn’t get any simpler.
You click on an element to pull up the editing tools on the left. Or, drag and drop blocks onto the optin form.
That’s it.
Now, let’s remove the background.
On the left, click on Optin Settings.
Jilt popup optin settings
Then, click on Optin View Styles.
jilt popup optin view styles_
Next, delete the image.
Delete background image Jilt popup
Now, add a text box to our optin form.
Click Add Blocks at the top of your editor.
Add blocks
Scroll to the text block, and drag it across to your Jilt popup.
Add text block to Jilt popup
Editing text is incredibly easy in OptinMonster. All you need to is click on the text block and edit the text directly on the popup.
Apparel inline text editor_
From there, you can edit:

  • Color
  • Font
  • Alignment
  • Font size

Now, let’s add some space between our optin field and our text block.
Again, click on Add Blocks at the top of the editor.
Add blocks
Next, drag the Spacer block and drop it on your form.
Select spacer block
Here’s the popup we created:
jilt popup
Now, it’s time to decide where and when to display your popup.
Step 3: Display Jilt Popup
Are you worried your popups will irritate your site visitors?
Here’s where a well-timed popup comes in handy.
With OptinMonster, you can use different targeting and triggering features to display your popups at just the right time.
Triggers determine when your popup is shown:

  • Scroll trigger: show your Jilt popup when users have scrolled down a certain percentage of the page
  • Timed display control: show your popup when users have already spent a specified amount of time on your site

Targeting lets you control who sees your popup:

  • Geo-location: show campaigns based on your visitor’s physical location
  • New or returning visitors: create special offers for new visitors

While there are tons of different targeting and triggering features, in our popup, let’s use the exit-intent display rule:
Exit intent
Exit intent triggers a popup when your visitor is about to leave your site.
Did you know 70% of people leave a site without taking any action?
With an exit popup, you’ll get one last chance to collect their email addresses by presenting your best offer.
Urban Southern increased their sales by 400% by using OptinMonster’s coupon popups with exit intent!
Head over to Display Rules.
OptinMonster display rules
Find and select Exit Intent®.
OptinMonster Exit Intent Display Rule
Check out this article to discover exit popup hacks to increase your subscribers and revenue.
Step 4: Integrate Jilt With OptinMonster
Connecting Jilt with OptinMonster is simple.
Click Integrations at the top of your editor.
Integrations ribbon
Next, select Add New Integration.
Add New OptinMonster Integration_
From the Email Provider dropdown, choose Jilt.
Jilt dropdown in OptinMonster
Click Register with Jilt.
Jilt Account details OptinMonster
Enter your details and sign in.
Jilt register page
On the next screen, you’ll need to give OptinMonster permission to connect to your Jilt account.
Authorize Jilt and OprinMonster
Finally, select your store name.
Select Jilt store OptinMonster
Select the list you want to add your new subscribers to.
Create Jilt List in OptinMonster
The next step is to publish your campaign on your online store.
Get Started With a Popup Today!
We hope you enjoyed this article on creating a Jilt popup with ease.
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