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One of the easiest and most effective ways to add depth to a design is to add a box shadow. In today’s tutorial, we’re going to show you how to style a sleek slider box with a soft box shadow. The trick is to add a thick light border to draw attention to the edges. This design is subtle but elegant and can easily be tweaked to fit just about any kind of website.
Let’s dive in!
Sneak Peek
Here is a quick look at the design we’ll build in this tutorial.
divi slider with soft box shadow

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Download the Files

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To import the section layout to your Divi Library, navigate to the Divi Library.
Click the Import button.
In the portability popup, select the import tab and choose the download file from your computer.
Then click the import button.
divi notification box
Once done, the section layout will be available in the Divi Builder.
Let’s get to the tutorial, shall we?
What You Need to Get Started
expanding corner tabs
To get started, you will need to do the following:

  1. If you haven’t yet, install and activate the Divi Theme.
  2. Create a new page in WordPress and use the Divi Builder to edit the page on the front end (visual builder).
  3. Choose the option “Build From Scratch”.

After that, you will have a blank canvas to start designing in Divi.
Creating a Unique Slider Design with a Soft Box Shadow in Divi
Part 1: Designing the Section and Row for the Slider
Designing the Section

divi slider with soft box shadow
Designing the Row
Once the section is done, add a one-column row to the section.
divi slider with soft box shadow
Then update the row padding as follows:

  • Padding: 0px top, 0px bottom

divi slider with soft box shadow
Part 2: Designing the Slider with a Soft Box Shadow
Now that our row is in place, we are ready to start designing the slider.
Add a new slider module to the row.
divi slider with soft box shadow
The Slider Background
Then update the background with a semi-transparent white color.

  • Background Color: rgba(255,255,255,0.75)

divi slider with soft box shadow
Navigation and Title Design Settings
Under the design tab, update the following:

  • Arrow Color: #776cb1
  • Dot Navigation Color: #776cb1
  • Title Font: Raleway
  • Title Font Weight: Ultra Bold
  • Title Text Color: #000
  • Title Text Size: 65px (desktop), 38px (tablet), 28px (phone)
  • Title Line Height: 1.2em
  • Title Text Shadow: see screenshot
  • Title Text Shadow Color: transparent

divi slider with soft box shadow
Body Text Design

  • Body Font Weight: Bold
  • Body Text color: #666
  • Body Text Size: 18px (desktop), 16px (tablet), 14px (phone)
  • Body Line Height: 1.8em
  • Body Shadow: See screenshot
  • Body Text Shadow: transparent

divi slider with soft box shadow
Button Design
Next, update the button design as follows:

  • Button Text Size: 20px (desktop), 18px (tablet), 16px (phone)
  • Button Text Color: #776cb1
  • Button Background Gradient Left Color: #776cb1
  • Button Background Gradient Right Color: rgba(255,255,255,0.7)
  • Gradient Direction: 90deg
  • Start Position: 7%
  • End Position: 0%
  • Button Border width: 0px
  • Button Border Radius: 0px
  • Button Letter Spacing: 3px
  • Button Font Weight: Bold
  • Button Font Style: TT
  • Button Margin: 10%
  • Button Padding: 1em (top and bottom)
  • Button Box Shadow: see screenshot
  • Shadow Color: rgba(0,0,0,0.11)

divi slider with soft box shadow
Padding and Border

  • Padding (desktop and tablet): 8vh top, 8vh bottom, 5% left, 5% right
  • Padding (Phone): 8% top, 8% bottom, 5% left, 5% right
  • Border Width: 15px
  • Border Color: #fff

divi slider with soft box shadow
Box Shadow
Now it is time to add a soft box-shadow to our slider. This will give it a subtle depth to the design.

  • Box Shadow: see screenshot
  • Box Shadow Vertical Position: 0px
  • Box Shadow Horizontal Position: 78px
  • Box Shadow Spread Strength: -20px
  • Shadow Color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5)

divi slider with soft box shadow
Final Result
Now let’s check out that final result.
divi slider with soft box shadow

Final Thoughts
Well, that’s it! Now you know how to create an elegant slider with a soft box-shadow. Hope you can make some great use of this tutorial, and feel free to post your uses of it in the comments!
I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.