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    Whether you’re a beginner, or want to add to your skillset further, you’ll find the best online web design courses here.

    Whether you’re a beginner or student, or a serious professional, you need to keep learning throughout your web design career, or you’ll quickly become irrelevant. There are new web design tools, new languages, and new approaches to the profession emerging all the time. And the best online web design courses can help you stay ahead of the curve, efficiently and easily.

    But there’s a near-endless variety of courses on the web right now, and they’re not all the same standard by any means. You don’t need any sort of qualification to make and sell a web design course, so it’s hard to know who to trust. To help you out, we’ve compiled the very best online web design courses in this post, and explain what each of them has to offer.

    01. Treehouse
    Founded in 2011, Treehouse offers hundreds of video-based training courses in web design, web development, mobile development and game development, from beginner to advanced levels. The videos are professionally shot, the quality of instruction is first-class, and everything is constantly updated to take newly emerging technologies into account (new content is released weekly).

    02. Sitepoint
    Founded in 1999, Sitepoint quickly became known as one of the most authoritative book publishers on web design. Since 2010 it’s also been in the business of online web design courses, and they’re highly respected within the industry.

    03. LinkedIn Learning
    Previously known as Lynda.com, LinkedIn puts a laser-like focus on helping you improve your career prospects. For example, when you’re logged into LinkedIn, you’ll find that training content that’s relevant to your needs automatically surfaces. Moreover, when you learn new skills, the system makes it easy to highlight these on your LinkedIn profile.

    04. Udemy

    If you’re not keen on taking out a subscription, then Udemy might be a better bet for your online web design training, as you only pay per course.

    Note, though, that while Treehouse and LinkedIn Learning carefully curate their courses, Udemy is basically a marketplace where anyone can post a course and try their luck at earning some cash. That means that employers are unlikely to see you completing a course on Udemy as a ‘proper’ qualification.

    05. Thinkful
    Launched in 2012 (as Bloc), Thinkful describes itself as an “online coding bootcamp” that aims to take you from being a beginner to job-ready web developer.

    Learning materials are a combination of written and video lessons, but Thinkful’s special sauce is an apprenticeship model that pairs you with an experienced mentor, who provides support and guidance throughout the course via 14 hours of live Q&A per day. There are also weekly group discussions and daily group critiques.

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