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Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away brand new freebies. This time around we’re building upon the Spice Shop Layout Pack with a brand new product category page template that matches the rest of the layout pack perfectly. Hope you enjoy it!

spice shop product category page template

Download The Product Category Page Template For The Spice Shop Layout Pack
To lay your hands on the free product category page template, you will first need to download it using the button below. To gain access to the download you will need to subscribe to our Divi Daily email list by using the form below. As a new subscriber, you will receive even more Divi goodness and a free Divi Layout pack every Monday! If you’re already on the list, simply enter your email address below and click download. You will not be “resubscribed” or receive extra emails.

Download the Files

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How to Upload The Template
Go to Divi Theme Builder
To upload the template, navigate to the Divi Theme Builder in the backend of your WordPress website.
spice shop product category page template
Upload Website Template
Then, in the top right corner, you’ll see an icon with two arrows. Click on the icon.
spice shop product category page template
Navigate to the import tab, upload the JSON file which you were able to download in this post, and click on ‘Import Divi Theme Builder Templates’.
spice shop product category page template
Save Divi Theme Builder Changes
Once you’ve uploaded the file, you’ll notice a new template with a new body area that has been assigned to All Product Category Pages. Save the Divi Theme Builder changes as soon as you want the template to be activated.
spice shop product category page template
How to Modify The Template
Open Product Category Page Template
To modify the template’s elements, start by opening the template.
spice shop product category page template
Inside the Body Layout Editor, you can edit the design on the front end using the Divi Builder just like you would with a normal Divi page.
spice shop product category page template
About the Template
This Product Category Page template is mostly built with dynamic elements that will work with your product category pages immediately. The Shop Module inside this template does the filtering. Depending on what category page you’ll land, it will only show relevant products within that category.
spice shop product category page template
Update Static Content and Link URLs Inside Template
Make sure to modify all the static content at the end of the product category template so it matches your website. And update the link URLs for any modules used as a button or CTA.
spice shop product category page template
Build Sidebar in Backend of Your WordPress Website
You can show anything you want within the sidebar of your product category page template. You can customize the sidebar by going to your WordPress Dashboard > Widgets > Adding anything you want to the Sidebar area. You can, for instance, add a list of product categories.
spice shop product category page template
Once updated, you will be able to see and edit the style of the content using the Sidebar Module in the Divi Builder.
New Freebies Every Week!
We hope you’ve enjoyed the Spice Shop Layout Pack and the Product Category Page template freebie that goes along with it. We look forward to hearing your opinions in the comment section below. Make sure you check back next week for more freebies!