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Monthly Recurring Revenue, or MRR, is crucial for any business. The more passive income you can generate, the more focus you can put in other parts of your operation. If you are looking to generate more money in general, the WPMRR Virtual Summit is for you.

Hosted by Joe Howard of WP Buffs, this free summit lasts three days and will walk you through how to get more MRR and keep it. Each day follows a different topic:

  • Day 1: Sales, Marketing, and Content
  • Day 2: Operations and Systems
  • Day 3: Website Management

Experts such as Brad Williams, Carrie Dills, and Christie Chirinos, will take attendees through exactly how to make more money.

When the summit is over, you will be added to the WPMRR Community where you can reach out to other developers and experts, get questions answered, and continue your learning.

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