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Contribute2WP, a 48-hour contributor sprint led by the Torque team, wrapped up over the weekend with incredible participation and support from the WordPress community and beyond! 

Veteran and first-time contributors were among the more than 60 two-hour pledges submitted, and from Friday at 8 a.m. PDT through Sunday at 8 a.m. PDT, Contribute2WP livestreams and Twitter activity fueled contribution projects forward—from bug fixes to documentation to video transcriptions and more!.   

Giving Back to WordPress 

WordPress now powers more than  42 percent of the web, due in large part to the many hours of volunteer efforts from a dedicated group of contributors around the world. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic’s effect on in-person events also stymied in-person contributor days, which have long served as a source of contributor engagement and encouragement within the WordPress community

In an effort to give back and support WordPress contributions with a virtual contributor day of our own, the Torque team launched Contribute2WP,  culminating in last weekend’s 48-hour event, in which people from around the community were asked to contribute two hours of their time back to WordPress. 

Whether it was committing to core, translating, adding subtitles to videos, WordPressers of all skill levels were invited to participate, and we want to give a huge thanks to everyone who pledged and took part in this awesome event!

Anyone Can Contribute

While I have worked with WordPress for more than five years now, I’ve never contributed to WordPress core, so I was both nervous and excited to get started. 

To dive in, I went onto the WordPress Slack channel —something you can do at any time, not just on contributor days—and asked how I could get started. As a non-developer, I asked for  something in my wheelhouse, and  was pointed to documentation

Once I got logged into GitHub, it was easy to comment on tickets and provide support wherever I could. The process was productive and empowering, and I felt a huge  sense of accomplishment giving back to the platform my career has been built on. 

The Power of Community

While contributing was thrilling on an individual level,feeling the supreme sense of community that came from all of the contributors who took part in this event was the best part of the weekend. We want to give a huge thanks to Courtney Robertson and Hauwa Abashiya for setting up a Zoom link to help people get started all day. 

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A special thanks also goes out to WP Engine Principal Developer Advocate Brian Gardner for his help coordinating and promoting this event! 

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It felt so good to connect to so many friends on Twitter. 

Never been to a contributor day? There’s a contribution sprint coming up that might be just the thing for you. 🙂— Josepha Haden Chomphosy (@JosephaHaden) October 27, 2021

Thank You

To everyone that contributed, tweeted, answered questions, or watched a live stream thank you for giving back to WordPress. Without you, the CMS wouldn’t have the reach it does today.

Together we can make WordPress stronger and take the remaining 60 percent of the web!