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Are you satisfied with the results from your coupon wheel campaigns, or would you like to see more revenue coming in from these promotions?
Tell me if this sounds familiar:
You set up a coupon wheel for your site. You added tons of great prizes to the campaign. You even designed your coupon wheel to fit your site’s custom theme.
And your audience loves it.
You’ve noticed that you’re getting more qualified leads every day, and your visitors’ time on page has increased (giving your SEO efforts a little boost).
There’s just one problem: the coupons you’re distributing are getting sent out, but only a handful of your new subscribers are actually using them.
It’s why you’re coupon wheels have such high conversion rates, but the revenue driven from those campaigns is still so low.
Don’t believe me? Just look at your Google Analytics.
You already know that you’re not converting new leads into paying customers. And that means you’re leaving money on the table day after day.
It’s a demoralizing feeling, and it’s one of the reasons why many marketers give up when they’re so close to the finish line.
Because once you solve the problem, you know that you’ll start compounding your profits. But until you solve the problem, you’re actually compounding your losses.
Over the years, we’ve created solutions to help business owners grow their leads and drive more sales from optin campaigns like coupon wheels:
spin to win wheelspin to win wheel
Today, we’re making these campaigns even more profitable for you by passing your coupon codes directly to the most popular email marketing providers.
With the coupon code now available in your email platform, you can send personalized follow-up emails to your new leads, encouraging them to use that coupon they just won.
Follow-up emails are a simple, but critical part of boosting eCommerce sales.
While your email provider ultimately sends these follow-up emails, have access to the coupon code there ensures that you have everything you need to craft a profitable reminder for your coupon wheel winners.
And now, every part of your coupon wheel campaign’s strategy can be set to autopilot.
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Right now, this feature is available for major email providers, such as:

With more email providers joining that list soon.
And as a special bonus, we’d also like to announce that our new Memorial Day template is now available:
memorial day template for optinmonstermemorial day template for optinmonster
This ready-made template can be used out of the box for your upcoming Memorial Day sales.
With zero coding or design experience, you can have a Memorial Day campaign that grows your email list and drastically increases sales.
Oh, and you can do all that in just 3-5 minutes flat.
So what are you waiting for? Test out this new addition to OptinMonster’s coupon wheel campaigns and let us know what you think.
As always, we’re grateful for your continued support of OptinMonster, and we look forward to bringing you even more ways to grow your business as quickly and efficiently as possible.
The OptinMonster Team
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