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Are you ready to connect with both loyal and new site visitors in an exciting way by starting a podcast?
Podcasting is a great way to share audio or video messages to your audience through a feed. And the best part is, while you can host a podcast without a website, using WordPress opens up all sorts of opportunities to grow your subscriber list and reach a broader audience.
In this post, we’ll be comparing the best WordPress podcasting plugins around so you can see all your options in one spot and make a quick decision.
What is the best WordPress podcasting plugin?

  1. Fusebox –  The most customizable podcasting plugin in terms of design, in addition to being a feature-packed solution that will help you build a thriving podcast audience.
  2. Simple Podcast Press – A lead generating podcast plugin that comes with a Smart Track Player that lets you highlight specific podcasts for your viewers.
  3. PowerPress by Blubrry – A podcasting plugin built by podcasters for podcasters that comes with everything you need to create and publish podcasts and reach a broader audience.
  4. Seriously Simple Podcasting – The simplest podcasting plugin solution on this list; it requires minimal effort to get up and running and is 100% free to use.
  5. Lisbyn Publisher Hub – A convenient podcast plugin that lets you do everything from create drafts, podcasts and posts all from the WordPress dashboard, but requires an external hosting account.
  6. Buzzsprout Podcasting – The perfect podcasting solution for those with a Buzzsprout feed wanting to embed episodes on pages and posts.
  7. Podlove Podcast Publisher – A great podcast plugin for those in need of an organized way to structure podcast episodes.

#1 – Fusebox
Fusebox, is a comprehensive podcasting plugin that comes with everything you need to run a successful podcast, plus amazing customization options.

With Fusebox, you can configure multiple playback speeds and match the player to your theme with custom colors. In addition, with the Fusebox Transcript plugin to complement the podcast plugin, you can show notes for an SEO boost, allow viewers to scan episodes, and even improve your site’s accessibility. Unique to this plugin are features such as automatic library updates and visitor podcast listening while surfing your site.
Key features:

  • Social sharing, email caption, and downloadable PDF features
  • Mobile-friendly design that adjusts with screen size and device type
  • Time-stamping hovers
  • Custom sorting of podcast episodes
  • Light and dark themes to match your site

Pricing: Fusebox is free to use but has a limited set of features. For things like email captures, custom colors, volume control, and social sharing, you’ll need the pro version of Fusebox, which costs $8/month.

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#2 – Simple Podcast Press
Simple Podcast Press is a user-friendly podcasting plugin for WordPress that’s designed to help you grow your audience.

simple podcast press

Perfect for those with existing iTunes or SoundCloud accounts, Simple Podcast Press comes with clutter-free transcripts, one-click Tweets, and iTunes reviews. In addition, this podcasting plugin is completely automatic, meaning you can focus on creating and publishing more episodes for your viewers.
It also comes with features like easy social sharing for growing an audience, customizable player buttons, and unique page creation for each podcast episode.
Key features:

  • Automatic URL shortening
  • Clickable timestamping
  • Built-in mobile player for small screens and devices
  • Compatible with all popular browsers
  • Auto-publish to your WordPress website

Pricing: For a single site license you can get Simple Podcast Press for $67/year.

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#3 – PowerPress by Blubrry
PowerPress by Blubrry is a longstanding podcasting plugin for WordPress that lets you create a podcast in three simple steps – create, upload, and publish.

powerpress by blubrry

This user-friendly podcasting plugin includes convenient audio and video players, complete with embed support from sites like YouTube. You can create a custom subscribe page using Blubrry’s exclusive shortcode and even use the subscribe sidebar widget for maximum exposure. There are also import and export tools, the option to create multiple podcast feeds, and useful SEO settings to help your podcast get found in search results.
Key features:

  • Built-in social sharing features
  • Simple and Advanced Modes for both beginners and experts
  • Support for both iTunes and Google Play Music
  • Built-in podcast statistics
  • Multiple format support – mp3, m4a, m4v (video), mp4 (video) and PDF (text)

Pricing: PowerPressis a free plugin that doesn’t require Blubrry hosting unless you want it. If you want to use Blubrry hosting, plans start at $12/month.

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#4 – Seriously Simple Podcasting
Seriously Simple Podcasting claims to be a top-rated podcasting plugin for WordPress beginners, making it one of the best solutions for first-time podcasters.

seriously simple podcasting

This plugin is equipped with hassle-free settings that only take a few minutes to configure. It will let you run multiple podcasts from a single website and will provide each one with their own RSS feed. Plus, you can display a podcast list, a single episode, or entire podcast lists for all your site visitors to see anywhere on your WordPress site using shortcodes and widgets.
Key features:

  • Manage all podcasts right in the WordPress dashboard
  • Gather statistics using the free Seriously Simple Stats plugin
  • Create audio or video podcasts – or both!
  • Customize the embedded media player
  • Create password protected RSS feeds for premium content

Pricing: Seriously Simple Podcasting is 100% free to use and always will be.

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#5 – Lisbyn Publisher Hub
Lisbyn Publisher Hub is a solution that is for Lisbyn subscribers only, however, you can easily publish podcasts from your WordPress site directly to your Lisbyn hosting account.

lisbyn publisher hub

With this plugin, your media files are hosted with Lisbyn and your RSS feed is generated by Lisbyn too. This leads to better protection between your web hosting provider and your podcast host.
Additionally, Lisbyn can host and distribute video, PDF, text posts, and audio files for you. Another notable feature of Lisbyn Publisher Hub is the fact that you can add custom thumbnail and widescreen episode artwork.
Key features:

  • Connect to favorite podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, and more
  • Monetize your podcasts by offering premium content subscriptions
  • Publish podcasts immediately or schedule them for later
  • Custom mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices
  • Add download links below your media player

Pricing: Lisbyn Publisher Hub hosting plans start at $5/month for 50MB of monthly storage and an unlimited audience base.

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#6 – Buzzsprout Podcasting
Buzzsprout Podcasting has a simple interface that starts pulling podcast episodes from your Buzzsprout feed right away and gives you the chance to embed them on any WordPress post or page.

buzzsprout podcasting

With complete iTunes support, a post migration tool, and a free Buzzsprout account for hosting podcast episodes, this podcasting plugin helps you grow your audience base and maintain loyal fans. You can also run your RSS feed through FeedBurner, play count stats for viewers, and allow the plugin to automatically update every time you publish a new episode.
Key features:

  • Easy to use shortcodes for embedding episodes on WordPress site
  • HTML5 media players
  • Auto audio optimization on upload
  • Sync episodes with directories like Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play, and more
  • Advanced podcast stats

Pricing: For 2 hours of upload per month, you can use Buzzsprout Podcast for free. Premium plans start at $12/month for more upload hours.

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#7 – Podlove Podcast Publisher
Podlove Podcast Publisher is an excellent WordPress podcast plugin for those in need of an advanced solution that offers plenty of options for organizing a growing library of podcast episodes.

podlove podcast publisher

You can manage multiple podcasts on your single website and support formats such as MP4 AAC, MP3, Vorbis, Opus, and more. There is also support for publishing chapter information in the player, making the viewing experience better than ever. In addition, you can link directly in any part of your podcast and enable instant episode playback.
Key features: 

  • Pre-designed templates for designing a beautiful media player
  • Support for audio and video podcasts
  • Integrated subscribe buttons below the player
  • Built-in and powerful analytics
  • HTML5-compatible web player, complete with touch support

Pricing: Podlove Podcast Publisher is completely free to use.

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Wrapping up
And there you have it! The top podcasting plugins for WordPress designed to help you create, publish, and display podcasts for your loyal fans.
If you’re in need of a powerful podcasting plugin for WordPress, your best bets will be Fusebox, which comes with the most built-in design options, or PowerPress by Blubrry, which is built by podcasters for podcasters and comes with every feature you could possibly need to run a successful podcast.
If you’re on a tight budget, Seriously Simple Podcasting, Podlove Podcasting Publisher, or PowerPress by Blubrry come free to use but don’t lack in the feature department.
For those that don’t plan to podcast often or want a simpler solution that won’t take long to configure, Buzzsprout Podcasting is a great choice. It also works if you’re wanting to host your media files separately from your WordPress web server, as does Lisbyn Publisher Hub.
As podcasting grows in popularity, among website owners and viewers, now is as good a time as ever to get started with your very own podcast using your WordPress website and a compatible podcasting plugin. Just make sure to evaluate your goals when it comes to your podcast and your audience, so you choose the best option for your needs.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.

Best WordPress Podcasting Plugins Compared