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Water is life! Indeed. Water undeniably has an unshaken market demand as everybody needs water in order to live. That’s one of the reasons why this line of business is very lucrative. If you have been planning to venture into a bottled water business, there’s so much you need to research, plan and prepare. One of the few essential things you should be more careful in choosing is the best location, marketing strategy, the selection of product design, a package for your bottles and many other things. Today, we’ll give you a useful tool that can do so much for the success of your water bottled business. Here are water bottle mockups that you can use for the evaluation of your label designs and for an impressive presentation of your designs to a client. Scroll the list and see which water bottle mockup you should acquire!Nobody wants to get sick. Hence, people look for ways to eat and drink only the safest commodities. This is where bottled water becomes a demand. Whenever people travel from place to place, having the safest and most reliable drinking water is very important. People would likely spend more money on this safe water than to risk themselves from amoeba, diarrhea and other waterborne diseases. So, if you’re a designer or an entrepreneur in the bottled water business, you should have at least a water bottle mockup for your bottled water products.In this post, you will find different types and sizes of water bottles that will suit your needs. You can pick the freebies or opt for the premium ones to have more powerful options. So, make sure you have the right label for the packaging of your water bottles with these amazing mockups. Check out this list and download the best water bottle mockup that is useful for your business.Mockup Featuring a Water Bottlemockup featuring a water bottleThe water business is exceptionally large, and new brands are popping out quite frequently. If you are looking to design your very own bottles of water, start with the design first and then move to a mockup. This will give you a better idea of how the actual product will look. Not just that, but you can also use the life-like presentation for starting hype on social networks or other media. The use of this mockup is child’s play, as you do not really need any skill to make it happen. With the available design, you just slide it in, change the cap color, alter the tint of the bottle and you are done doing the work.Mockup of a Stylish Water Bottlemockup of a stylish water bottleFor a water bottle that does not entirely look like any other on the market, here is the mockup that will do the trick. You can always go against the grain with the shape of the bottle, making it stand out on the shelve. Sure, it might cost a little extra, but what if that means huge success for your business? Anyway, this Placeit mockup is a little breeze to use and comes with all sorts of goodies for you to take to your advantage. First and foremost, append your design by uploading it to the platform. Moreover, you can also change the color of the cap, the water, the bottle and the background. Mockup of Three Water Bottlesmockup of three water bottlesThis remarkably simplistic, yet impactful and realistic mockup features three plastic water bottles for you to decorate with your catchy branding. Along with uploading your design to all three bottles simultaneously, you can also change the color of the cap, the label and the background. The entire presentation can easily sport your branding regulations to the very last detail. Not to mention, if your bottles will be of the same shape as the ones on the mockup, well, you just won, my friend. No need for product shots when this mockup will do the trick in a click. Mockup of a Transparent Water Bottlemockup of a transparent water bottleA water bottle mockup, outdoors, held by a man while relaxing on his fixie bike. Slide in your creative with a simple upload feature and go from there. It is easy and effortless to work with this template, making sure the outcome fits the branding regulations precisely. You can also change the tint of the bottle to any color you fancy. Make a presentation that will impress and inspire everyone, including you and your client. If you are ready for a change, make sure you get things rocking with this mockup template and make a difference. The end product will be phenomenal with your design on it. Motion Photo Mockup of a Woman Drinking Watermotion photo mockup of a young woman drinking waterA stunning, catchy and modern motion photo mockup of a woman drinking water from a glass bottle. If you are looking for something different, this could be it. With the amazing effect, you will easily intrigue the viewer and get them hyped for the product. Whether you are selling bottles online or you are creating the design for a business owner, this mockup will surely do the trick. In short, the outcome will be a real masterpiece. There are two core functions of the mockup; to upload your image and to add a text overlay. Make it follow your requirements and have the final product ready in no time. Woman Holding a Water Bottlewoman holding a water bottleSometimes, a water bottle is covered in paint or wrapped with protection, so it does not break. If that is something that interests you, we have a special mockup template here for you to benefit from. Use your creative thinking and make the most out of the mockup in just a few clicks. Thanks to the user-friendliness of Placeit, you only need to have your design ready, all the rest happens in-browser. You can also change the color of the bottle and add some text. Instead of opening a photo editing software, like Photoshop, with Placeit, you do it all online. How cool does that sound? Plastic Jug Mockupplastic jug mockupTo go slightly against the grain, this is not a water bottle mockup that you are used to seeing, as it features a one gallon jug. Hey, you might be working with a water supplier who is in need to brand their jugs with a creative design. You can now help them out with a marvelous presentation that will help with the visualization of the actual finished product. You can change the color of the sticker and the color of the background. Moreover, with the upload function, you introduce your design and have it appear on the jug with just a click. There is nothing complicated and tedious when working on a life-like presentation with a mockup. See it for yourself over on Placet and all the rest becomes history. Translucent Sports Bottle Mockuptranslucent sports bottle mockupA simple sports water bottle mockup that will surely do the trick. You can quickly brand the bottle by enriching it with your design via the upload function. Once you have the image ready to go, you can also make additional tweaks by repositioning and cropping it if necessary. Needless to say, you can also change the color of the bottle and the background and make the presentation follow the branding regulations precisely. For a simple demonstration of the sports bottle, this is one of the best mockups that you can go with. You can also use the outcome on social media and other promotional campaigns to increase the excitement of potential buyers getting it. Classic Glass Bottle PSD Mockup DownloadThere are numerous ways to store water whether for personal or commercial use. But one of the safest way is the glass bottle. Accordingly, it has almost zero rates of chemical interactions that’s why the taste of water is preserved. If you’re working with glass bottles, this free mockup is fantastic! It features a glass bottle with a customizable label via the smart object layer. Moreover, to make it more interesting this mockup enables you to modify the glass color, its reflection, the liquid color for other liquid products, cap color and the background. If you wish to tweak the light, shadows, and highlights that are also possible with this freebie. More info / DownloadWater Bottle Mockup Free PSDwater bottle mockupPlanning to venture in a bottled water business? There are great and important things that you need to consider in order to put up this type of business. One is the marketing strategy that will work for your brand. Thus, you should be crafting well the labels in your bottles so it would be ready to market your brand too. Here’s a Water Bottle Mockup Free PSD that is useful in testing your designs. It features small bottled water that is fully customizable. Particularly, you can integrate your own label on the water bottle, change its color, customize the color of its cap and its background to meet your needs. More info / DownloadFree Water Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupWater is indeed very important. Man can live longer without food but no so long without water. And since we cannot assure that the water in the faucet is clean and safe enough to drink, most people opt for bottled water. That’s why many entrepreneurs try to venture in this line of business. They clearly see the importance as well as the benefit of having a bottled water business. For your brand to shine, always make sure the bottles are properly labeled to gain recognition. Here’s a Free Water Bottle Mockup that will help you yield excellent labels. This mockup lets you insert your designs on the label and change the color of the cap to meet your needs. More info / DownloadFree Download Glass Water Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupVarious containers are available in the market to keep their drinking water products safe and available on department stores. Although the most common storage is plastic, there are still companies that use a glass water bottle. If you’re one of them, you should not be missing this Free Download Glass Water Bottle Mockup. Specifically, you can add a label on the bottle via the smart object, change the color of the bottle’s cap, and use photo filter effects to have a more realistic and creative result. If you wish to edit the background color it’s always possible. More info / DownloadFree Water Bottle Mockup in PSDwater bottle mockupIn order to maintain a good reputation in your bottled water business, it is best to find a suitable and reliable bottle production company that will supply you the glass or plastic bottles you need. By doing such, customers will likely prefer your brand among others on the crowd. As long as you have a high-quality bottle, you must ensure the labels can represent well your brand. Here’s a tool that you should be taking advantage of. A Free Water Bottle Mockup in PSD that is perfect for huge size bottled water products. Apparently, you can add a label for the water bottle and change the bottle’s cap too so it would match with your designs. Also, you can change the color of the background to meet your preferences. More info / DownloadWater Bottle Label Mockup In PSDwater bottle mockupBottled water containers may differ in size but they actually exist for the same reason- to keep water safe and intact until it gets to the consumers. We can find different sizes in stores depending on the needs of the consumers. If you’re working with a medium-size water bottle for a client, you must polish well your designs. So, why not download this Water Bottle Label Mockup In PSD? Basically, you can showcase five labels of your water bottle label designs. Simply insert your artwork and this mockup will render an exceptional result. More info / DownloadFree Water Bottle PSD Mockupwater bottle mockupWater is one of the primary needs of man. The human body is composed of 75% water. Hence, a person needs to have enough water intake to avoid dehydration. To keep man hydrated even when at work, travel or in school, bottled water is available in different stores. If you want to redesign your bottle labels, you can use this Free Water Bottle PSD Mockup. It will perfectly guide you in designing well your labels. Apparently, you can add your designs through smart objects, choose from the three color caps in this mockup, show or hide water effects, filter the scene and change the background if you need to. More info / DownloadFree Sports Water Bottle Mockup In PSDwater bottle mockupIf you’re into sports, keeping yourself hydrated is particularly essential. The water you lose through your sweats should be replaced to make you feel better and hydrated. Hence, a sports water bottle is a must-have! If you’re into this line of business, you should have this Free Sports Water Bottle Mockup In PSD. It features a medium-size sports water bottle with customizable attributes. Apparently, you can upload a label on the bottle using the smart object, change the color of the cap and customize the background too. More info / DownloadFree Water Bottle Mockup In PSDwater bottle mockupAs a player in the bottled water industry, you need to have creativity in packaging and marketing your products. Thus, you’ll be able to stay popular in the industry. One thing to ensure is the quality of the bottle you’re using and of course, the labels should conform to your quality. This Free Water Bottle Mockup In PSD is a cool and awesome tool to refine well your labels. Apparently, you can showcase two bottles of your bottled water designs in a professional manner. Just use the smart object and it will reflect in both bottles. The background is also customizable. More info / DownloadFree Water Bottle Plus Glass Mockupwater bottle mockupIf you have a bottled water business, you must ensure that the quality and taste of your bottled water is constant and does not fluctuate. That’s very important to keep your consumers on the list. But before you can make them love your brand, your brand name must be visible on all containers you use for marketing your products. One effective way to gain brand awareness is to add your labels appropriately on your bottles. Here’s a Free Water Bottle Plus Glass Mockup that is useful for creating the best label for your bottled water. This mockup features bottled water and glass that can showcase well your designs. Apparently, you can add your label on the bottle, modify the color of the bottle as well as its cap. If you wish to customize the background it’s also possible. More info / DownloadFree Water Bottle PSD Mockupwater bottle mockupWhatever the type of water your brand supplies, it should taste well and should be healthy. Whether you’re trying to sell spring water, mineral water, sparkling water and flavored water in a range of sizes and prizes, it must well represent your brand. Also, the labels should tell that it’s your brand, seeing your logo and color scheme on the product’s label. This Free Water Bottle PSD Mockup is a must have for all designers. Apparently, you can insert a label for your bottled water products in the upper and lower parts of the bottle using the smart object layer. Moreover, you may also edit the background of this mockup to match with your label design. More info / DownloadBlue Clean Water Bottle Free Mockupwater bottle mockupSince water is one of the most important commodities that man consumed all over the world, many businessmen try to indulge in this business. If you’re one of those, indeed you need this Blue Clean Water Bottle Free Mockup. This mockup features a tall glass water bottle with a crystal, clear view. Basically, it comes with the smart object layer for easy design integration and lets you change the color of the cap. You can also change the color of the cap and the background to suit your needs. More info / DownloadFree Water Bottle PSD Mockupwater bottle mockupIn order to make your brand stand out, you need to find effective ways to market it. But before you can do that, you need to have a memorable name for your brand. For your bottled water business to gain recognition, your brand name must be clear and visible on the labels. Here’s a Free Water Bottle PSD Mockup that is best to use for the presentation of your designs. Apparently, you can just drag and drop your design using the smart object layers and you’re ready to go! With this mockup, you can be sure that wherever your product may reach, it will always bear your brand well. More info / DownloadSwing-top Water Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupWith a beautiful product container and excellent product content, people will surely notice your brand. Furthermore, they will likely be encouraged to carry your products anywhere. Thus, it gives you the chance to spread awareness of your brand. So, why not make the most of your labels through this water bottle mockup. This Swing-top Water Bottle Mockup features a swing-top bottle as a container. You can add your own artwork to the bottle’s label (front and back) through the smart object. So, whether you want to showcase different types of flavors, this mockup will help you improve your designs. Moreover, changing the background color or adding an image is very possible with this mockup. More info / DownloadFree Mineral Bottle Mockup In PSDwater bottle mockupBefore you finalize your bottled water labels, make sure you’ve let your clients see your work through mockups. Having water bottle mockup will give you and your client the idea of how the final product will look like. Once you’ve finalized your designs and applied on the real scene, you can then advertise your product on the mass media. Here’s a Free Mineral Bottle Mockup In PSD that you can use for polishing your designs. This mockup contains two scenes of bottled mineral water that showcases three bottles of different size in each scene. You may change the color of the background and customize the hue/saturation of the scene. More info / DownloadFree Customizable Clear Plastic Bottle Mockup in PSDwater bottle mockupIf you have a bottled water business, knowing which advertising tool that works best for your brand is crucial. You can make use of billboards for outdoor advertising or any other strategies. But before you can proceed to do such, you need to make sure that the labels of your products speak well of your brand. Or else, people wouldn’t be so interested or barely notice your brand. Here’s a Free Customizable Clear Plastic Bottle Mockup in PSD that will help you create an interesting label for your bottled water products. Particularly, this mockup lets you apply your own design on the bottle’s body, change the color of the cap, bottle, and the liquid content. More info / DownloadSports Water Bottle Mockup with Carabinerwater bottle mockupAs an athlete, drinking enough water every day is a must! As you sweat out water from your body, you also need to replace those fluids you lose. Therefore, it’s important that you have a water bottle at hand. So, brands manufacturing such containers should consider different designs for various personalities or a different type of people. To create numerous wonderful designs, you can use mockup for that. Here’s one that you should pick, a Sports Water Bottle Mockup with Carabiner. Apparently, you can apply your own designs into the bottle’s body, change the color of the cork, the bottle, the rubber, and its background to suit your preferences. More info / DownloadUseful Premium Water Bottle MockupsPlastic Water Bottle MockupCommercial water needs containers that will carry them to the consumers safely. As water plays an important role in keeping the body hydrated, more brands are selling mineral water to fill the demands. If you’re working with such projects, this Plastic Water Bottle Mockup is never a waste of time. This mockup comes with a fully layered PSD file of a water bottle. You can use this for crafting the finest labels for your bottled water products and for presentations. It is a high-resolution file with 4000×4000 pixel dimensions. Just use the smart object layer for the design replacement and you’re good to go. Furthermore, you may also change the bottle content, bottle’s color, shadow, bottle’s cap and background. Changing the shadow and lighting effects is also possible. More info / DownloadPlastic Water Bottle MockupHere’s another useful, resourceful and practical tool that you can grab for your water bottle label projects. This premium mockup can do so much to the refinement of your designs. You can also use it for presentations to exceed customer’s expectations. Plastic Water Bottle Mockup is a cool choice for crafting a seamless label. It is available in PSD file that is fully layered. This way, editing won’t be difficult at all. Specifically, it comes with a smart object layer for inserting your own artwork into the scene having 4000×4000 pixel dimensions at 300 dpi. If you wish to change the color of the bottle, it’s liquid content, bottle’s cap, and other elements it wouldn’t take you so long to achieve a nice design. You may also change the shadow and lighting effect to acquire best results. More info / DownloadSport Water Bottle Mockups BundleWhen you’re into sports having enough water is essential for maintaining health. So, sport water bottles are indeed priceless for doing the activity well. For designers, such products should be designed well. Luckily, there are a bunch of mockups that you can acquire for achieving the best result. Here’s a Sport Water Bottle Mockups Bundle that will serve as an effective tool and guide for such projects. It features 6 PSD files for sports water bottle products with different designs and bottle style. It’s a fully layered file with 5000×5000 pixel dimensions. Basically, you can add your own designs into those bottles using the smart object layer. You may also change the color of the lid and bottles and modify the shadow and lighting effect to meet your preferences. More info / DownloadMineral Water Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupWater is essential to anything that has a life. Most importantly, human needs enough water to keep the body hydrated and healthy. No wonder why there are numerous bottled water brands that continue to supply bottled water products to the mass. Today, we can see a lot of these products in the department stores providing the safest and cleanest water to all who need it. If you’re one of these entrepreneurs who provide the same products, you should have this Mineral Water Bottle Mockup. This mockup contains two large bottles of mineral water with high-customization options. Apparently, you can use the blue or green bottle for your design presentation. You may add your packaging label easily and change the liquid color too if you may need to. More info / DownloadPlastic PET Bottle w/ Water Mockupwater bottle mockupForgetting your drinking water is not a big deal today. Why? You can almost find a good hydration solution anywhere you go. They are portable and durable ideal for workout, traveling, and other outdoor activities. If you want to create a realistic presentation of your bottled water packaging labels, you must have this Plastic PET Bottle w/ Water Mockup. This mockup features a small, white plastic PET bottle with water. You can easily edit the colors of the elements in this mockup. As it has organized folders and layers along with smart object editing is made easy and fast. You can use this for your branding presentation or logo display. More info / DownloadSport Water Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupIf your work urges you to travel a lot, you better have a water bottle with you. Or if you’re into cycling or any sport, a sports water bottle is a must-have! If you want to own a personalized sports water bottle, you can create your own designs in no time! You can add you’re favorite quote, name, image or any artwork into the sports bottle and that’s possible with mockups. Here’s a Sport Water Bottle Mockup that is ideal to use for your projects. It comes with a fully customizable sports water bottle in PSD file. Basically, you can change the color of the cap, edit the label through the smart object, change the color of the bottle, and modify the background color as well. More info / DownloadAluminum Water Bottle Mockup Setwater bottle mockupIf you’re planning to advertise your bottled water products on highway billboards and commercial areas, ensure that the labels are perfectly in place and elegant to look at. For you to test well your designs, you can grab this Aluminum Water Bottle Mockup Set. It’s perfect for any design you want to showcase using an aluminum container. This pack includes ample eight PSD files that feature three different bottles. You can change colors easily, add designs via smart object and remove water drops too. You may choose from the three different background options – concrete, dark, neutral and white. More info / DownloadSports Water Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupThe quality of bottles you use should correspond to the genuineness of your brand. With that strategy, you will surely impress your customers effectively. If you run a bottled water business, having durable, functional and elegant designs of the bottle will help you gain credibility. Here’s a Sports Water Bottle Mockup that will give you the idea of how the final product would look like. It contains 6 PSD files with high-resolution of 4500×3000 pixel dimensions. As it comes with organized layers, editing won’t be an issue. It also contains a smart object for inserting your designs with ease. You may also choose to turn off the shadows and choose from the four different backgrounds. More info / DownloadWater Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupThe bottled water industry is worth more than $170 billion worldwide. Hence, it wouldn’t be too late if you plan to invest in this line of business. So, carefully plan all the details that you need to anticipate for a well-managed business. One of the important things to consider is the packaging label. To help you yield desirable results, you should pick this Water Bottle Mockup. This pack contains three different views of hydro flask water bottles. Apparently, this lets you change the color of the bottle and add your own designs through smart objects. More info / DownloadWater Bottles Mockupwater bottle mockupLooking for the best water bottle mockup to start your small-scale bottled water business? Do you want to create the flawless bottle labels that will make your brand stand out? You’ve probably seen water bottle mockup with one or two types of bottles included in the pack. Well, why not check out this Water Bottles Mock-up that lets you polish your design labels on not just one or two bottles but five different bottle types. This mockup is ready to make a complete branding of your bottled water business. You can add label designs using the smart objects and change cap colors as well to match with your designs. More info / DownloadWater Bottles Mockupwater bottle mockupFinding the best mockup to evaluate your designs is not that easy. You can find some resources for free but comes with limited features. However, you may not need to worry as you can find awesome premium water bottle mockups that will give you what you need. Here’s one that is worth to have! Water Bottles Mockup that offers five different views of bottled water. With this mockup, you can hide drops and ice if you want to. Also, it’s easier to insert your designs as it contains smart object layer. More info / DownloadClear Water Bottle Mockup Setwater bottle mockupSince it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated, having containers that will help you quench your thirst even when away from home is essential. This is where water bottles are necessary and in demand. If you’re manufacturing water bottles, you should carefully craft your designs well so they would be easier to market. Here’s a Clear Water Bottle Mockup Set that you can use for crafting wonderful designs of water bottles. It contains five different views of a water bottle from different angles. You can add designs on the bottle and change colors of some elements to meet your preferences. More info / DownloadClear Water Bottle Mockup Set 2water bottle mockupWhether you’re into sports, fitness activity, or just working your daily routine, keeping yourself hydrated is a must otherwise you’d suffer the effects of dehydration. Therefore, you must have a durable and useful water bottle with you anywhere you go. Meanwhile, designers who work with water bottle must create fabulous designs to fit different personalities. Here’s a Clear Water Bottle Mockup Set 2 perfect for the evaluation of your water bottle projects. This pack includes six different views of a water bottle in PSD files. Basically, you can add designs using the smart object layer and change colors to fit your needs too. More info / DownloadFlip Top Clear Water Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupIf you plan to surprise a loved one whose habit is cycling on his or her special day, cool design of water bottle is not a bad idea. Surely, it would delight anyone. But, how much delightful it would be if the gift you will offer is more personalized. Here’s a Flip Top Clear Water Bottle Mockup that you can use for polishing your project well. It comes with six different views of a water bottle that are fully customizable. Apparently, you can edit the color of the flip top, color of plastic, and choose from the three juices types for a more amazing design presentation. You can also add designs on the bottle and on the rubber. More info / DownloadWater Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupRegardless of the type of drinking water that you offer to your consumers, your packaging must be of high-quality. Since the labels are the one that attracts consumers, they must be attractive enough to draw attention. To see if it can represent your brand well, you can pick this Water Bottle Mockup and make it your awesome tool. It features a small water bottle with a paper bag that can be used for testing your effective packaging. If you wish to use a sports cap for the bottle, it’s also available. Check out how lovely this mockup can be for your personal and commercial projects. More info / DownloadTapered Water Bottle Mockupwater bottle mockupIf you wish to have a stainless water bottle for your business, you must make the labels look remarkable. Also, you can make the designs flawless as you use water bottle mockup using this pack. Now you can make beautiful designs of stainless water bottles with this Tapered Water Bottle Mockup. It comes with three PSD files of a 17-ounce stainless steel soda bottle styled tapered water bottle. If you wish to showcase the bottle with the lid or without, it’s very possible. Just use the smart object in inserting your designs. More info / Download