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In this digital world, brochures offer something that online ads and social media posts simply cannot, and that is tangibility. They are something your customers can see and feel, and this allows them to form a real connection with your company. Considered an effective marketing tool, brochures are perfect for showcasing information about a company and what it has to offer. With their flexibility in design, trifold brochures allow adequate space for you to convey the story of your brand, tell the company history, add important products and list out pricing for your products and services. Moreover, you can include any alluring offer that your customers just cannot refuse. Also, you can add a call to action to guide your customers to visit your website or brick-and-mortar store or call you directly. To design a tri-fold brochure, if you choose a mockup, you can do the entire job in a cost-effective yet hassle-free way. Are you searching for an awesome trifold brochure mockup? Then this post will be helpful for you. Here I have discussed 20 best trifold brochure PSD mockups that have great features.So, without further ado, let’s talk about these mockups.Mockup Featuring a Trifold-Brochure Standing Against a Plain Backgroundmockup featuring a trifold brochureWhen creating yourself or your client a trifold brochure, test the waters first with a mockup. Thanks to an array of different options and designs that we have in store for you, you can quickly see the life-like version of your creation. Especially when it comes to Placeit, you do all the work in-browser. Nope, there is no need for you to use Photoshop and perform any advanced tasks. With the image designs ready to go, you can just upload them and call it a day. Just as simple as it sounds! You can also change the background, the color of the paper and append all sorts of other stuff, like text and graphics.Minimal Trifold Brochure Mockup with a Solid Color Backdropminimal trifold brochure mockupWhile, for the most part, trifold brochures are vertical, here is a nifty horizontal solution. After all, you do not always want to follow the traditions. Why not go against the grain and do something different that will trigger everyone’s attention even more? Here we are now, with a dope, yet simplistic design that will do the trick any time you need to create a photo-realistic demonstration. There are three sides to this trifold brochure that you can enrich with your designs. Play around with all the different options and possibilities, change the coloring and enjoy the outcome. Mockup of a Trifold Brochure over a Solid Surfacemockup of a trifold brochure over a solid surfaceIf the previous horizontal trifold brochure mockup worked fantastically well for the inside, this one is ideal for the outside. Look no further, head over to Placeit and start with the right foot forward. Since there are three editable areas, you can upload three different designs. However, there is still more to this mockup, like editing the shade of the paper and background, adding a text overlay and inserting a graphic or two. In short, you have all the rights to style and configure the default settings according to your liking. And you need to have no experience whatsoever, as this mockup is for everyone with a predefined design. Brochure Mockup On Top of a Wooden Surfacebrochure mockup on top of a wooden surfaceA simple, yet impactful, trifold brochure mockup on a wooden surface. You have three separated sides to edit via a simple upload function. That said, once you have the designs ready, you can have the realistic presentation available in just a few quick clicks. Knowing that the working area is of 387 x 900 px dimension, you will probably not even need to crop and reposition it. Just click, save and you are ready to roll. Additionally, if you would like to change the main color of the brochure, you can do that, too. As for the colors, pick just about any you want. And if you do not know which color to choose just yet, this is the right moment to test out all sorts of different combinations. Woman Holding a Trifold Brochure Mockupwoman holding a trifold brochure mockupAn open trifold brochure in woman’s hands with fully editable colors of the paper and the background. You can utilize this mockup template for all sorts of different aims and intentions, as it only features one main working area. To go entirely against the norm, if you are designing other stationery, this tool can come handy, too. Make it special and exclusive without a hassle by simple and quick inclusion of your image. All you need to do is to upload your design (1280 x 1650 px) and that is basically it. Indeed, Placeit platform is very beginner-friendly, allowing you to edit mockups in-browser. Trifold Brochure Mockup in a Person’s Handtrifold brochure mockup in a person handWe bring you all sorts of different trifold brochure mockups which create a very realistic presentation. When working with a client on their design for a brochure, make sure you surprise them with a striking presentation that will help them better visualize the outcome. A human hand and a wooden desk make for the lively vibe that you are looking in a mockup template. You can upload three different designs for each page of the brochure individually. Last but not least, feel free to change the color of the background and even include a text overlay. You have all the options at your fingertips. Open Trifold Brochure Mockupopen trifold brochure mockupKeeping things simple and to the point is always a winning solution. That said, and if you particularly like color red, here is a great trifold brochure mockup with all three pages fully editable. Not just that, but you can also customize the color of the paper, as well as add text in case you would like to share a special message. The editing and customizing of this nifty mockup template happen quickly, as you only need to upload your design work and see real-time results. Each of the three pages is of 387 x 900 px dimension, to make sure your creatives fit the size flawlessly right away. Trifold Brochure Mockup On a Wooden Surfacetrifold brochure mockup on a wooden surfaceAnother fairly simple, yet impactful, mockup template of a trifold brochure. A dark background and a wooden surface decorate the template and elevate the vibe to level eleven. You can fine-tune all three pages of the brochure with your images and, of course, change the color of the paper, too. The dimension of each page is 550 x 1100 px for you to have the right design ready and set for instant inclusion. Still, Placeit allows you to reposition and crop the image to your requirements without the need to leave the platform. Amaze and impress your clients with a photo-realistic presentation of the brochure you are working on. Trifold Brochure MockupsTrifold Brochure MockupPresent your tri-fold brochure layout on this set of stunning mockups. It includes 10 PSD files, each having well-organized layers and smart-object features that make the editing process quick and easy. Furthermore, the high resolution and perfect dimensions of the mockups help you have a fantastic presentation of your design work. Before downloading, you can have a look at the tri-fold brochure from different angles. Other than editing the brochure, you can change the background as well. Also, you can add or remove shadows as per your taste. This stunning tri-fold brochure mockup is a must-have for those who are looking for the best possible way to promote their businesses through brochures. More info / DownloadA4 3-fold Brochure MockupA4 Trifold Brochure MockupThis is a photorealistic tri-fold brochure PSD mockup. It includes 8 PSD files, all are easily editable via smart layers. You can add text, change images, adjust shadows, modify background as per your need and preference. If you have a wide range of products and services and want people to know about those, you must choose this mockup and design an excellent brochure easily. The tri-fold brochure’s individual panels allow you to divide information, services, and products into various categories quickly and easily. More info / DownloadTri-fold Brochure MockupTri-fold Brochure MockupThis is a useful tri-fold brochure mockup, available in a fully layered PSD format. It includes 10 PSD files, all have high resolution and well-organized smart layers. Via the smart layers, you can customize the entire thing and design your desired brochure within just a few minutes. The mockup displays designs of tri-fold brochures in various colors. You can choose any of the displayed designs and add your text and image. Or you can customize the entire thing and create a whole presentation of brochure design. Whatever option you go with, there is no doubt that the final result will look flawless and impressive. More info / DownloadSquare Trifold MockupSquare Trifold Brochure PSD MockupThis tri-fold brochure mockup is slightly different than the previously discussed mockups. This one displays a brochure that is square in shape. It comes with 4 high-resolution PSD files. You can have a view of different angles of the same square-shaped tri-fold brochure. This high-resolution mockup has a fully layered layout. Therefore customizing it is really easy. Just drag and drop your artwork and replace it with the current design. Hit save and your job is done. Within just a few clicks, your final presentation can be ready. If you find this mockup useful for your next project, get this today. Use it for showcasing your brochure design in style. More info / DownloadA5 Trifold Brochure MockupA5 Trifold Brochure MockupAre you looking for the best possible way to showcase your tri-fold brochure design? If you are, then choose this A5 tri-fold brochure mockup. It has a professional design, photorealistic appearance, layered shadow, and high resolution. You can find 6 PSD files in it; each has a smart object feature for which editing the layouts becomes really easy. Other than editing the text, image and color of the brochure, you can change the background as well. If you are a beginner in designing, this would still be a useful mockup because it comes with a help file. So, showcase brochure design and promote your brand in a cost-effective way it. More info / DownloadSquare Trifold Brochure Mockup 06Square Trifold Brochure PSD MockupThis stylish brochure PSD mockup displays 3 square brochure designs. It is a beautiful mockup that can elevate the appearance of your presentation and make it look professional. Using this mockup is really easy; you just need to have knowledge of how Photoshop works and follow the instructions of the help file that comes with the mockup. Within just a few clicks, your presentation will be ready. Customizing this mockup is quite a hassle-free job as it has well-organized smart layers. You can design the whole thing layer by layer and make your presentation look impressive. More info / DownloadA4 Tri-fold Brochure MockupA4 Tri-fold Brochure MockupAn awesome tri-fold brochure PSD mockup, having a photorealistic appearance and fully layered layout. It includes 4 PSD files, all are easily editable in Photoshop via smart layers. To do the editing, just drag and drop your artwork and replace it with the existing design. Hit save and you are done. A beautiful presentation of your brochure designs will be ready. Its clean and professional design can never fail to drive the attention of your clients and customers. Moreover, its high resolution and perfect dimension help you have a flawless presentation within a few moments. More info / DownloadA4 / A5 Tri-fold Brochure MockupA4 and A5 Trifold Brochure MockupWith this high-resolution brochure mockup, you can showcase your tri-fold brochure design in a professional manner. The smart object feature of the mockup makes it very easy to use. Editing the mockup is also quite easy. In Photoshop, you can change the brochure color, add text, edit images, modify the background and adjust shadows and effects as per your need and taste. Within just a few clicks you can get your presentation ready. The PDF help file that comes with the mockup can make your job quicker and effortless. More info / DownloadPhotorealistic Square Trifold Brochure MockupPhotorealistic Square Trifold Brochure PSD MockupA square-shaped tri-fold brochure with 12 PSD views is available in this mockup set. It is editable via smart objects in Photoshop. After opening the PSD file in Photoshop, you can just drag and drop your design on the layout and replace the existing look. Within just a few clicks, your presentation will be ready. With this stylish brochure mockup, you can showcase your professional brochure design and advertise your business easily. Its high resolution adds an excellent touch to your final presentation.  More info / DownloadCustomizable Trifold Brochure MockupCustomizable Trifold Brochure MockupThis is a tri-fold brochure mockup useful for showcasing your brochure design in a realistic way. It includes 4 PSD files, each having quick photo replacement features. Using its smart layers, you can replace the entire design with your own artwork. Furthermore, its RGB color mode, high resolution, great dimensions, and replaceable background texture help you have your very own brochure design presentation looking just the way you want. Use this mockup to create a stunning presentation of your tri-fold brochure design and impress your clients. More info / DownloadA4 or A5 Trifold Brochure MockupsA4 or A5 Trifold Brochure Mockups SetAre you looking for a professionally designed trifold brochure mockup that can make your branding process easier than ever? Then your search ends here. This brochure mockup is apt for designing A4 and A5 trifold brochures with ease. This is a set of 7 PSD files, each having a realistic appearance and well-organized smart layers. With the help of smart layers, you can customize the brochure designs and background texture as per your need and preference. Simply double-click the smart layer, copy and paste your design work, hit save, and your job is done!  More info / DownloadUS Letter Trifold Brochure MockupUS Letter Trifold Brochure PSD MockupThis is one of the best tri-fold brochure mockups, apt for presenting US-letter tri-fold brochure designs. In this set, you can find 12 PSD files having different dimensions, 9 JPG background textures, and a PDF-illustrated user manual. Also, it includes multiple different angles and views with nit empty spaces to add your own design on top of the mockup. You can insert your design into the template using smart objects. You can also add a background texture included in the package or use your own texture. This mockup has everything to help you present your brochure design in a stunning way and brand your business in style. More info / DownloadA4 Trifold Brochure MockupsA4 Trifold Brochure MockupsA new and exclusively designed set of A4 trifold brochure mockups is available here. It includes 6 high-resolution PSD files. In these files, you can see tri-fold brochures from various angles. All the images will help you have a clear idea of how your design would look on the brochures and how they would look after printing. You can easily edit the layout with your artwork. Its smart object layers make the editing process hassle-free. Other than editing the brochure, you can also modify the background and shadows as well. That is because the mockups come with transparent shadows and replaceable background textures. So, get this useful set of brochure mockups and present your artwork in an impressive manner. More info / Download17×11 Trifold Brochure Mockup17x11 Trifold Brochure PSD MockupThis tri-fold brochure mockup is ideal for designers who are looking for the best possible way to display their designs professionally. This stunning photorealistic mockup comes with 6 PSD files, all having high resolutions and Smart Object features. With the help of the smart object layer, you can easily customize the brochure along with the background and create your desired presentation. What are you waiting for? Don’t you think this mockup can be a great help for your next project? If your answer is yes, then get it now and use it to amaze your fellow designers and clients by creating excellent brochure designs. More info / DownloadUS Letter Trifold Brochure MockupsUS Letter Sized Trifold Brochure MockupsMockups are always useful for making you understand how something would look like before printing. You can test things out first and be safe than regretting things later. Also, this way, you can be free from any inconvenience. And with a good mockup, your presentation will look fantastic as well. Such a superb set of mockups is available here: US-letter tri-fold brochure mockups. This set includes 6 PSD files, all of which are easily editable. If you have your design for a trifold brochure ready, just apply it on the layout of the mockups and have a look at its lifelike version. The high resolution and perfect dimensions of the mockups will make your final presentation simply flawless. More info / DownloadRealistic Trifold Brochure MockupsRealistic Trifold Brochure MockupThis particular set of tri-fold brochure mockups is the three-panel roll fold variation with an excellent photorealistic appearance, enriched with elegance. You can easily customize every section of this brochure via Smart Layers. With these mockups, you can create a presentation just the way you have imagined. Its high resolution will make your presentation look impressive. To sum up, with these mockups, you can achieve any kind of look for your brochures quickly. Get this set of mockups and be creative to the fullest for branding your business and designs through tri-fold brochures. More info / DownloadTrifold Square Brochure MockupsSquare Trifold Brochure MockupsSquare brochures are equally useful when it comes to branding a product or service effectively. Here is a set of tri-fold square brochure mockups that can help you design a customized tri-fold brochure in a hassle-free way. It gives you 5 positions of the brochures, and you can have a look at them in 3 different angles: outside, inside, and top. All the variations give you photorealistic views that will certainly drive everybody’s interest. To help your clients visualize how the end product would look like, showcase your designs with these mockups and leave a strong impact.  More info / DownloadLarge Trifold Brochure MockupLarge Trifold Brochure MockupThere is no doubt about the fact that the tri-fold brochure is an effective marketing tool in the business and advertising sectors. If you are planning to showcase your creative brochure design and impress your clients, choose this large trifold brochure mockup. It helps you showcase your design work with an interesting presentation. The mockup is super easy to edit via Smart Layers. It also comes with many variations, a changeable background, and separated shadows and highlights. With this mockup, you can create a presentation where everyone will get a view of how your product would look like after printing. The photorealistic appearance and high resolution will make your presentation simply stunning. More info / DownloadRealistic Square Trifold Brochure MockupRealistic Square Trifold Brochure MockupThis set of trifold brochure mockups consists of 12 different styles of square tri-fold brochures designs. It is useful for showcasing your design in a realistic appearance. All the mockup files have photographic filters inside. They also have a smart object feature that helps you edit the design in just a few clicks. You get excellent results for both bright and dark designs. Other than editing the design and color of the brochure, you can bring some modifications in the background, shadows, and effects. You can adjust shadows and highlight effects. If you need more guidance, go through the help file that comes with it. More info / DownloadTrifold Brochure PSD MockupProfessionally Designed Trifold Brochure MockupThis item includes 9 PSD files, displaying 9 different angles of a tri-fold brochure. All the elements in the PSD files are easily editable and are separated by layers. You can adjust the intensity of shadows and other effects. Also, you can move each element as per your taste. With this mockup, you can showcase your trifold brochure design from 9 different angles. Impressing your clients with a professional and superb presentation of your brochure design work is now just a cakewalk. More info / DownloadWrapping it upAs graphic designers, sooner or later, you need to present your projects to your clients. Sometimes creating such a presentation is easier, sometimes not so much. But, you always have to convince your clients that what you present really fits their requirements. All needs are met and your proposal consists of everything they asked you in their brief, so they can give you their approval. And to do this entire job in a hassle-free way the impact of the mockup is undeniable. All the above-mentioned trifold brochure mockups can help you showcase your brochure designs in the best possible way that can never fail to impress your clients. Choose a good mockup to simplify and speed up your designing and branding work.