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Need to run a quiz or survey on your website? These WordPress Quiz Plugins are exactly what you need!
Quizzes are a proven method to generate traffic to your website. They are a great option to get a reader to stay longer on your website and engage with it. Quizzes generally generate much more social shares than plain and simple articles. They give visitors plenty of reasons to keep coming back to your site. Posting a quiz on your website takes a lot of time and effort. But the best part is that there are WordPress Quiz Plugins to help you if you’re running your website on WordPress. While you can devote all your effort to framing suitable questions, you can leave the collection of responses, publishing the scores and results to these WordPress Quiz Plugins.
These plugins make it easy to create and manage quizzes. The quiz can serve two purposes simultaneously – they are a source of valuable feedback to site admins and are informative to visitors. By keeping visitors engaged longer, they reduce bounce rates and can improve conversion rates. And if designed with a little care, they can boost social shares.

Free WordPress Quiz Plugins
Before we move on to premium options, let’s first look at a few free plugins. These quiz plugins can more than adequately handle the task of helping you create a quiz and then manage them for you.
Quiz Cat
Quiz Cat can help you create quizzes that lead to more user engagement, social shares and email optins. In short, it can help you get the result you want. You can create any number of quizzes. Each quiz can have any number of questions, each question comes with two to four possible answers. It randomly shuffles the quiz questions for better variety. On completion of the quiz, you can flash a custom message.

Quiz Cat
Some examples using Quiz Cat plugin

Quiz WordPress plugin

WordPress quiz plugin
Quiz Cat provides the ability to create a custom headline, image, a beautiful “Start Quiz” button and a description based on a respondent’s quiz score. From that point on, you then have complete creative control over the quiz. It helps you design the quiz format with a reliable quiz builder and publish it on your website with a simple shortcode. You can paste the shortcode into any post or page on your site and cause the quiz to display wherever you want.
Quiz Cat is fully translatable, and most of the content is changeable both at the frontend and backend, from the user interface, and using PHP filters.
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formidable wordpress quiz plugin
Similar to Forminator is Formidable. Another versatile and multi-purpose WordPress plugin that does not cost you a dime. It is best for building contact forms, surveys, and quizzes of all kinds. After installing and activating the tool, it will take you just about a minute to create the desirable quiz. Thanks to the drag and drop visual builder, it all happens almost instantaneously. Even if you have no idea how to code, you can still create outstanding quizzes with Formidable.
Some features include single-line text, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-downs, hidden fields, and even an HTML block. Additionally, with Formidable, you can also create neat calculators for, let’s say, car payments, mortgage, and BMI to name a few. From classic quizzes to educational and such that have the potential to go viral, Formidable covers them all.
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Quiz and Survey Master
Quiz and Survey Master, can help both to administer a quiz as well as conduct a survey. You can choose from numerous question styles – right from multiple choice questions with radio buttons and drop downs, to check boxes, true or false options, fill in the blanks and captchas. Users can see many results depending on their scores, and the results can run to any number of pages. Right after the quiz is over, an email with the results is sent out, both to you and the quiz-taker.

Quiz and Survey Master
All the quiz questions can appear on one page or multiple pages. They can display to all users, or select questions can display to different user categories. The answers can be on a simple right or wrong basis or a graded basis. Other useful features include easy social sharing, requiring users to login to take the quiz and scheduling the display of the quizzes. Besides, you can insist on answering all questions and limit the number of entries or attempts by a single user. Questions can appear in order or at random, and the users can keep track of the time they take to complete. You can set time limit for each quiz, offer hints to quiz takers, explain the answers and collect feedback for the quiz in the comments.
Many premium add-ons are available for functions such as landing pages, export of results, MailChimp integration and Reporting and Analysis.
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forminator wordpress quiz plugin
Forminator is a versatile free WordPress plugin for building forms, polls and quizzes like a pro. It is a simple to use builder that helps you realize your idea a fraction of the time. Indeed, there will be no need to go behind the scenes and perform any code editing. That said, Forminator is for everyone, a complete beginner, as well as advanced web developer. You will have a breeze setting up the exact quiz you want and adding it to your WordPress website.
To keep the engagement strong, you can now effortlessly hammer out different quizzes that your users can then share on their social media. From the well-known no-answer quizzes to the challenging ones, you can make them all and then some. With Forminator, all becomes a piece of cake while the outcome could be a super-challenging quiz.
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HD Quiz
hd quiz wordpress plugin
Undoubtedly, HD Quiz is one of the quickest and simplest WordPress quiz plugins that you can get your hands on today. All work perfectly fine for creating the neatest quizzes and some even go way beyond that. That said, it is more or less about your personal preference which you will go with.
HD Quiz allows you to make an unlimited amount of quizzes. Moreover, the web design is responsive, mobile-ready, touch compatible, and in tune with modern web browsers. You can entirely modify each question, add animations, introduce quiz timer and set an image for an answer. You can also expect to bring in even more folks interested in taking a quiz with the social sharing function.
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Quiz Maker
quiz maker wordpress plugin
Quiz Maker comes as a free or a pro version. Of course, you would want to give it a shot first for free and later upgrade if the need occurs. Still, if you find the free plugin to do the trick for you, by all means, use it for as long as you want. It has more basic features, but you can still make the quiz to keep your users occupied for longer.
Speaking of features, Quiz Maker does not limit you on the number of quizzes and questions you would like to put together. Additionally, it sports a results sheet, supports random questions, and can make it available only to the logged-in users.
What’s more, you can also fully adjust the look of the layout. Meaning, alter height and width, change color and more. And before you go live with your new quiz, make sure you first preview it and make any additional corrections if necessary.
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Psychological Tests & Quizzes
psychological tests and quizzes wordpress plugin
This next WordPress quiz plugin lets you create fun and exciting psychological tests and quizzes. From the basic to advanced tests, you can craft them all. That said, hammer out the exact tests and quizzes you want and encourage your users to participate. Thanks to the useful plugin, you can all take it to its full advantage and shine online with a fabulous new addition to your website.
The options when setting things up are very many. You can display the test on a single page or run it one question per step. For your information, the entire process of creating the quiz or test happens in the text editor of your WordPress dashboard. It will surely be very comfortable playing around with different features and functions that Psychological Tests & Quizzes has available.
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WP Poll
wp poll wordpress plugin
Building a quiz to spice things up on your website happens quickly with the use of WP Poll. This remarkable free WordPress plugin comes with many features and functions that offer you a quick integration of something new. With amazing customization capabilities, you can quickly tailor WP Poll to your needs precisely. Website and blog users, creating a poll, a quiz or a survey is a piece of cake with WP Poll.
As for the features, you get over ten theme designs, seven animations, five-timer style, single and multiple votes, widget and practical and graphical reporting in the backend. You can also display results of the poll/quiz with simple integration of a shortcode. Finally, if you would like to use addons with WP Poll, you can do that too, after paying a small fee.
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interact wordpress quiz plugin
If you are already using Interact for building quizzes, you can now embed it to your WordPress website with this dedicated plugin. First and foremost, you need to have an active account on Interact to get things moving forward with this tool. Bear in mind, installing it without having an Interact account will simply not work.
FYI, Interact is the platform where you create polls and quizzes first and later embed them into your blog or website via a handy plugin.
The process of adding a nifty quiz to your website is pretty quick and simple. First, you create and style the exact quiz that you want to launch on Interact. From then on, all you need is an active Interact plugin, add the quiz’s URL and it will generate a shortcode automatically. Before you click generate, you can also set the desired width and height.
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Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow and Form Builder
As the name suggests, the Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow and Form Builder plugin is not just for quizzes. You can do much more with the plugin by conducting a poll or survey or creating a form to collect information. It’s designed to help you discover opinions by using these various options. It boosts time on site, drives social engagement, and can be a money-spinner with ad revenues.

Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow and Form Builder
Creating a quiz is easy and intuitive. You can manage all your quizzes from one dashboard and customize sizes, fonts and colors. It’s possible to conduct different quiz types, including trivia and personality quizzes. To give it context, you can add an image or video intro section to the quiz and embed it anywhere, including on the landing page.
The plugin is free for up to 10000 views a month and comes with a branding. Beyond that, you’ll need to purchase one of the premium plans. These plans offer additional features, greater support, revenue features and remove branding.
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Watu Quiz
Like many other free plugins on this list, Watu Quiz also offers a premium version rich in features. However, the basic plugin may suffice for many users. It can create full exams and quizzes and display the results on completing the quiz or exam. It allows you to award points to every question, grade the questions, and then automatically calculate the total points. The results can display on a bar chart that compares a user’s performance against the average general performance. Both multiple-choice and single choice questions are possible, and some questions can be made mandatory. The plugin is responsive and touch-friendly.

Watu Quiz
In the pro version, you’ll find many additional features, including a most elaborate grading system. Importing questions in CSV files and copying questions into new quizzes are possible. Without actually requiring registration, you can contact information before the start of the test. You can also time the tests with a timer, alter difficulty levels and allow any user to revert to an unfinished exam or quiz. If you wish, export test results to a CSV file, search, filter, sort results, and email the results to the users and yourself.
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Ari Stream Quiz
Ari Stream Quiz is easy to use and it only takes a little time to set up your first quiz. It integrates with a mailing list plugins like MailChimp and Mailer Lite to collect leads. The free downloadable version entitles you to only a trivia quiz format and enables social sharing only to Twitter and Facebook. It supports multiple choice questions and loads the quizzes via Ajax. Correct answers can be shown immediately or at the end of the quiz or not at all. You can embed quiz into post and pages using shortcodes.

Ari Stream Quiz
The Premium Plans enable personality quizzes and extend lead collection to more mailing list services like AWeber. They also add a results page to show the quiz results and extend social sharing to more social media platforms. Questions can display on many pages, and users can be forced to share the quizzes.
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Some Other Free Plugins
Some free plugins that offer a somewhat unique functionality,

  • Chained Quiz which is a conditional logic quiz plugin. It lets you create quizzes where the next question depends on the answer to the previous question. There is no limit on the number of quizzes or results.

Premium WordPress Quiz Plugins
With WordPress Quiz plugins, the free plugins are good for little more than basic quiz functionality. It’s when it comes to the premium variety that these plugins shine. The premium plugins are rich in features and help to collect leads in a fun way. They improve user engagement and persuade users to share on social media.
eForm – WordPress Form Builder
eForm – WordPress Form Builder is the first premium plugin on this list. Though it goes by the name of a form builder, it includes quiz creation and management as one of its main functions. It’s useful in collecting feedback via quizzes, surveys and data collection. A custom email can be sent out to quiz takers.

The plugin provides 15+ automated quiz elements, including a manual scoring element for quizzes. The manual scoring will help with text elements, while the automatic scoring will help with MCQ elements. Adding score-able elements is quick and easy, and the plugin automatically generates the total score for each user. It allows you to assign positive and negative scores to individual options. You can view the scores on the dashboard, and users can view them on their portal. It includes a score range-based ranking system, a designation such as ‘rookie’ or ‘expert,’ a redirection system, and a Quiz Leaderboard for showing off top scorers. A timer and stopwatch are available for limiting and recording time. It helps you set page-wise as well as overall time limit.
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Riddle is not just for embedding quizzes, but also for embedding polls and lists on your blog. You can embed a quiz on any page or post using a shortcode. With stress on email lead capture, it promotes newsletter signups and automatically forwards the emails to MailChimp, AWeber, and other subscription services. You can create any number of quizzes using this plugin and add a simple lead capture form.

The plugin allows you to use videos and images freely and helps to edit the images. Moreover, it’s developer-friendly, allowing you to extend functions. You’ll need a Riddle account and a connection with Riddle servers to use this plugin. It’s free for use only for a 14 day trial period, after which you can upgrade to paid plans for as little as $7 per month. If, for any reason, you choose to discontinue with the plugin, you’ll retain the content, but will not be able to edit it.
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WordPress Viral Quiz – Buzzfeed Quiz Builder
WordPress Viral Quiz is the plugin to use if you want to build your quiz in the same way as Buzzfeed does. It’s the leading quiz plugin on CodeCanyon and features both trivia quizzes and personality quizzes. Besides being easy to use, it’s customizable and helps to capture email leads. It’s also responsive and packs many powerful marketing tools like requesting emails or insisting on shares before displaying results.

WordPress Viral Quiz
WordPress Viral Quiz is high on revenue generation, allowing you to place ads around the quizzes and enabling the Refresh Browser feature. It supports multi-page quizzes, allows you to display questions randomly and save the answers. Google Analytics helps you track quiz takers and count the shares on social media. Further, it’s multilingual, works with every theme, and lets you work from a friendly user interface. The plugin also includes attractive share buttons, offers two skins, and allows you to import and export quizzes of other users. It’s also possible to integrate a quiz anywhere, including outside your site, using an iframe.
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Advisor Quiz
advisor quiz wordpress plugin
Advisor Quiz is a fantastic WordPress quiz plugin that unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you. With a quiz, as simple as possible, you can engage your visitors and make the experience even more enjoyable. Advisor Quiz delivers four quiz types and three layouts out of the box. You can choose between content filter, trivia, personality, and count quizzes. And when it comes to layouts, you can choose from presentation, image grid, and minimal styles.
Advisor Quiz also contains social sharing, email capture, and in-depth analytics. It even allows you to implement ads for monetization, which could positively impact your page’s revenue. Once it creates the shortcode, you can embed the quiz anywhere on your website, regardless of your WordPress theme. There you have it, get creative, pick up intriguing questions and start sharing your new quiz for the potential to go viral.
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Wrapping Up
Quizzes are a fun way of collecting leads. They pack in great entertainment and replay value and therefore are high on social shares. You can combine them with Learning Management System Themes to make learning fun and easy. These WordPress Quiz plugins can surely help you increase visitor engagement on your website.

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