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Do you want to generate leads with quizzes?
Without a doubt, running an online quiz is one of the best ways to boost audience engagement. You provide a fun interaction for your audience, and you get your lead’s contact details in return.
In this article, we’ll look at ten ways you can use quizzes to generate more leads.
Why Add a Lead Generation Quiz
Without a doubt, people love quizzes.
Sites like BuzzFeed have attracted millions of page views with viral quizzes that people can’t resist taking and sharing across the web.
BuzzFeed quiz
Have you ever wondered how they get it right?
Well, the good news is you can add quizzes to your content marketing strategy, too.
Whether you are a business owner or a blogger, quizzes can help you engage your target audience.
Here are a few things you can do with an online quiz:

  • Build your email list
  • Learn more about your target audience
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Get more social shares
  • Increase time spent on your site

So, now that you have an idea of how quizzes can help your business, it’s time to look at practical ways quizzes can generate leads.
10 Ways to Generate Leads With Quizzes
Below, we list powerful, yet, simple tactics for using quizzes to generate more leads.
1. Use a Quiz Popup
The best way to pull your site visitors’ attention to your quiz is to use a popup.
A quiz popup is designed to capture your visitor’s attention so it’s shown over your content, dimming everything behind it.
So, how do you create a quiz popup?
OptinMonster is the best tool for adding a popup to your site. It allows you to easily build a quiz popup using a drag and drop builder.
OptinMonster homepage
With OptinMonster, you can create an eye-catching popup quickly without building it from scratch thanks to its wide variety of popup templates. You can easily design a quiz popup that matches your website and brand perfectly.
What’s more, it connects seamlessly to any website platform and email service provider. It also comes with tons of different targeting rules, so you can rest assured that you’re showing the popup to the right people at the right time.
Get Started With a Quiz Popup Today!
2. Create a Multi-Page Quiz
The best way to get more people to engage with your quiz is to keep it short. Let your audience know right from the start how many questions they’ll need to answer.
If you’re on WordPress, you can use the WPForms plugin for running a multi-page quiz on your site. With simple point and click, you can break long quiz into multiple paginated sections.
You can collect the responses in WordPress and even connect it to your email marketing service.
3. Display Your Quiz at the Right Time
If you want more site visitors to take your quiz, you need to show it at the right time.
For example, you created a quiz titled “Which Social Network is the Perfect Match for Your Personality?”. Now, you might want to display this quiz on a blog post about the different types of social networks.
If you want to finetune that targeting even more, you could only show your quiz once that site visitor has spent more than 60 seconds on your site. You’re now displaying your popup to engaged site visitors.
OptinMonster lets you target popups using targeting and trigger features called Display Rules.
Here’s a snapshot of some of these rules:
OptinMonster Display Rules overview
By inviting your reader to take your quiz at the right time, you can rest assured that you don’t interrupt their browsing experience.
4. Provide Value to Participants
For people to take your quiz, there needs to be something in it for them.
A great quiz will educate, entertain, or inspire.
Can you provide actionable advice as part of your results?
Prescription glasses retailer Warby Parker lets you take a quiz to find your perfect frame. At the end of the quiz, you’ll know which frames are best suited to your preferences.
Warby parker quiz with insights_
Think about the kind of insights you can include to help your audience accomplish one of their goals.
5. Send Personalized Recommendations
Traditionally, eCommerce merchants used to send personalized recommendations to customer emails based on user activity on the store. Although it’s a common strategy to generate more sales, the downside is that more often than not, these emails are unsolicited.
But what if you run a quiz and prompt users to submit their personalized preferences?
Birchbox email
In return, you can send them product recommendations based on their selection. This is what exactly Birchbox has been doing to grow their leads from their store.
6. Craft a Quiz Your Audience Cares About
The most engaging quizzes are the ones that truly connect with your target audience.
So, keep a specific group of people in mind when you create your quiz. Often, this requires an understanding of your audience’s goal.
These insights will also determine the tone of your quiz, plus any references and examples you use.
Have a look at how the National Geographic team creates quizzes they know their target audience cares about.
NatGeo quiz
Here area few things you can do to make a great quiz:

  • Choose a topic people are genuinely interested in
  • Create a headline your site visitors want to click
  • Add images throughout your quiz
  • Keep it conversational and fun

You’ll also want to put some effort into the results of your quiz. Because you want people to share your quiz, you should consider the outcome. Does it reflect positively on the quiz taker? Is it funny or moving?
7. Include a Freebie
Adding a freebie to your quiz is a great incentive for people to participate.
And that’s why you need to create a lead magnet for your quiz.
A lead magnet is an incentive marketers offer people in exchange for their email addresses.
An effective lead magnet solves a specific problem and delivers a quick win.
8. Add Your Quiz to Popular Posts
One way to boost your engagement is by adding your quiz to your most popular posts.
All you have to do is head over to your website analytics. Check which posts are getting the most traffic. Then, you can add a relevant quiz to those pages.
With OptinMonster’s MonsterLinks feature, you can easily embed a quiz popup.
Monsterlinks turns any image or link into a 2-step optin. Users can click on the link or image for participating in the quiz. Instead of redirecting users to a different page, Monsterlink triggers a popup on the same page.

9. Make It Easy to Share
Viral quizzes can improve traffic to your website if you make it easy for people to share it on social media.
Add social sharing buttons to your quiz’s results page so people can share it as soon as they’re done.
Airbnb share quiz results_
10. Split Test CTAs on Your Quizzes
Once your quiz is live, you want to monitor its performance.
This way you can identify the headlines and topics that connect most with your target audience.
Split testing your call to action is a good strategy for finding the messages that grab the most attention. The easiest way to split test your quiz is by using Google Optimize. If you’re on WordPress, setting up Google Optimize is super easy. Go ahead and install MonsterInsights, the best Google Analytics and Optimize plugin.
That’s it! Now, you know the best ways to generate leads with your quizzes.
If you want to make sure more site visitors see and take your quiz, you should use OptinMonster. OptinMonster will allow you to create stunning quiz popups that grab your site visitor’s attention.
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