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When it comes to client management, MSP software is no longer a nice-to-have element for IT service providers. With so much to manage and keep track of, there’s always a good chance that some critical task may be overlooked. That’s where the best MSP software steps in – to streamline and automate workflows so that disruptions are detected and prevented even before they happen.
The main purpose of MSP software is to improve efficiency of managed IT services. However, the focus of different software can vary. For instance, NinjaOne relies heavily on remote monitoring, while MSP360 stresses backup management. It’s important to keep this in mind while choosing the right MSP software for your business. At the same time, it’s great if the additional features offered by the software match those required by your business.
As for pricing, it often depends on the value or number of devices/endpoints/users/projects.

Best MSP SoftwareBest MSP Software

In general, the best MSP software should include these features in their product offerings:

  • Fully integrated IT service desk, help desk, and ticketing support.
  • Remote monitoring and management from a single dashboard.
  • Automations for workflows to improve efficiency.
  • Real-time customizable alerts.
  • Pre-configured administrative tasks that can be applied to servers and workstations.
  • Secure remote access.
  • Multi-endpoint management.
  • Patch management.
  • Integrated cloud backups.
  • Client billing tools.
  • Detailed reports.
  • Integrations with third-party tools and apps.

Best MSP software of 2022


Best MSP software: NinjaOneBest MSP software: NinjaOne

💸 Pricing:
You have to request a quote to find out what your specific pricing is going to be. According to info online, NinjaOne bills per month on a pay-per-device basis (estimates put the per-device price at around $3). A free trial is available.
🧰 Key features:

  • Monitor, manage and support all devices and users at scale.
  • IT management simplified in an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Powerful cross-platform automations.
  • Full visibility into managed environments.
  • Automate patching for any internet connected endpoint.
  • Backup of critical business data.
  • Provide support to users on any network.
  • Accept, assign and automate your IT ticketing workflow.
  • Remote access of attended and unattended devices.
  • Gives you control of endpoint behavior and configuration.

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Best MSP software: AteraBest MSP software: Atera

💸 Pricing:
Pro at $89/month/technician, Growth at $129/month/technician and Power at $169/month/technician. Free trial available.
🧰 Key features:

  • Powerful ticketing and customer satisfaction surveying.
  • Complete control over hundreds of networks from any device.
  • Customizable real-time alerts.
  • Pre-configured administrative and maintenance tasks.
  • Automates patch management.
  • Suite of remote maintenance tools.
  • Integrated Splashtop and AnyDesk remote support.
  • Multiple technicians can access same device.
  • Professional Services Automation is part of the platform.
  • Comprehensive customer relationship management.

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Best MSP software: MSP360Best MSP software: MSP360

💸 Pricing:
Price varies depending on the product. You’ll have to request a quote to get an exact amount. For RMM, you can expect to pay about $120/mo/admin. A free trial is available.
🧰 Key features:

  • Offers backup, remote desktop and RMM solutions.
  • Powerful backup and disaster recovery.
  • Natively integrated with all major public cloud services.
  • Centrally monitor and manage all hardware and software performance.
  • Securely connect and control remote desktops and servers.
  • Access unlimited endpoints and servers at no additional cost.
  • Remote access with unattended devices.
  • File transfer during sessions.
  • Instant support without installation using the Lite version.
  • Manage all aspects of your IT infrastructure from a single dashboard.

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Best MSP software: LogicMonitorBest MSP software: LogicMonitor

💸 Pricing:
Your pricing will depend on the exact feature set that you require. Automation, premium support, customization and onboarding are available at additional cost. Free trial available.
🧰 Key features:

  • SAAS-based observability for cloud, on-premises and hybrid IT ecosystems.
  • Cloud and container monitoring.
  • Visual representations of relationships among elements in a communication network.
  • Pre-configured and customizable threshold alerts.
  • Fully customizable, scalable and pre-built dashboards.
  • Predicts future trends.
  • Early warning system.
  • Dynamic monitoring system that allows grouping.
  • Detects and monitors changes to device configuration.
  • 2000+ integrations for fast onboarding.

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💸 Pricing:
Kaseya has flexible models for pricing. Choose between flat fee for complete range of services or tiered pricing that increases as features are added to the bundled packages. Exact pricing available only on request. Free trial is available.
🧰 Key features:

  • All-in-one endpoint management and automation.
  • Manages all devices and supports all environments.
  • Automates patch management and workflow.
  • Protect every point with enhanced threat detection and access control with enforced 2FA.
  • Topology map to show all device connectivity.
  • Endpoint status display and alerts.
  • Remote control to monitor and troubleshoot.
  • Standardize IT processes with policy-based automation.
  • History of tasks performed.
  • Add-ons available for backup, anti-malware and more.

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💸 Pricing:
Adopts the tier-based cost per agent. Price available only on request.
🧰 Key features:

  • Cloud-based platform that allows quick adaptation to new techniques and programs.
  • Intelligent monitoring to consolidate related events into a single ticket.
  • Hands-off patch management.
  • Intuitive scripting to write basic commands with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Greater visibility with all essential information in one place.
  • Customize dashboards to sync the most used business tools.
  • Automation that facilitates grouping.
  • Ability to scale to millions of total endpoints.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Expanded ecosystem of integrations.

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💸 Pricing:
Offers the Plus Package at $24/product/user/month and Premium at $39/product/user/month. Free trial available.
🧰 Key features:

  • Customize your business processes, workflows and statuses.
  • Create multiple business identities and customized billing rate cards.
  • Client portals that give them access to projects, accounts and more.
  • Create activity and work templates for clients.
  • Configure rules and triggers.
  • Profitability and utilization dashboards.
  • Scheduling and workload dashboard.
  • Client and contact database.
  • Increased security with 2FA and single sign-on.
  • Seamless integration with leading platforms.

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💸 Pricing:
There are two tiers available – Essentials and Performance. However, you can only find out what the price is going to be by requesting a quote. Both plans offer unlimited users and endpoints. Free trial is available.
🧰 Key features:

  • Streamlines and simplifies network monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Pre-configured and customizable alerts.
  • Real time metrics about your networks.
  • Centralized syslog for all of your network devices.
  • View logs directly from dashboard for more context.
  • Automated network discovery, mapping and inventory.
  • Global dashboards.
  • Application visibility powered by machine learning.
  • Configurations backup.
  • Integrates with many popular IT service management and business tools.

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💸 Pricing:
Offers a 30-day free trial. Price available only on request. In addition to the flagship Enterprise edition, they offer a Standard plan (IT help desk software) and Professional plan (help desk and asset management).
🧰 Key features:

  • Remote monitoring and management.
  • End-to-end visibility into clients’ networks.
  • Proactively detect and deploy missing patches.
  • Receive real-time alerts and manage faults in client networks.
  • Unified endpoint management and security.
  • Integrates with help desk tools.
  • Configure a white label customer portal.
  • Implement essential role-based user management.
  • Monitor business health using a unified MSP dashboard.
  • Full-stack service management for enterprises.

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💸 Pricing:
Free trial available. Prices start at $32/mo and scale up with an increasing number of endpoints/devices, endpoint protection and third-party patching.
🧰 Key features:

  • Comprehensive remote monitoring and management.
  • Instant alerts, rapid response.
  • Patch management, remote control and integrated ticketing.
  • View operational data and resolve issues from the same interface.
  • Automate repetitive IT tasks.
  • Define multi-level auto remediation workflows.
  • Set up a remote distribution schedule.
  • Simplified deployment process.
  • Auto discovery engine and out-of-the-box scripts.
  • Mobile-first approach.

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